Danny Deakin

Danny Deakin

 Oakville, Ontario, CAN

Danny Deakin is a fresh acoustic pop artist with a beachy and laid back vibe. He performs with a professional band and has a great live act. His music has catchy hooks with an uplifting, positive feel. His show will win over the hearts of the audience and will be enjoyable for all.


Danny Deakin is a great mix of soulful, light-hearted pop music and captivating performance skills. Danny is a professional performer with years of performing experience, in which he has received acknowledgement from various awards organizations.

Danny is a family friendly act that will please audiences of all varieties but is best suited for youth in the highschool to college age (13-25 years old).

Danny is backed by a hot band of professional session musicians.


Danny Deakin EP (2010)

Set List


All songs of my 7 song EP plus a customizable mix of originals and a few covers.