Danny Defstar

Danny Defstar

BandHip Hop

It's the utimate hip hop experience. I journey through the most basic elements of hip hop music accompanied with little sample of rhythm and blues.


Within this growing industry we come across alot of names that we grow to admire and some love. Danny Defstar is one emcee out to prove himself among that crowd of phenominal emcees. His on stage performance skills already has heads in his hometown of Providence, Rhode Island buzzing. Armed with an arsenal of ingenious lyrics, Danny Defstar definitely shows he is a force to be wrecking with. Like alot of emcees Danny got his start at Hiphop Shops like Providence's legendary Black Repatory Theatre, Met Cafe, and AS220 where this young Providence native entered a number of emcee competitions to battle for the crown and ended up with a few accolades under his belt. And even though, Defstar may have gained recognition and won the respect from his peers on the battle circuit This cat has definite songwriting skills and has had a chance to prove this when he began writing lyrics for other small acts. Now, after an extended vacaton due to set backs in his career he coming to take center stage on this platform we know as Hiphop. So remember the name and get use to it because he ain't going no where.



The Kings f/ Lingo and Staxx - 2005
What You Wanna Do - 2006
Come On And Get It - 2006
Put Em Up High - 2006

Set List

What You Wanna Do - 4:09
Come On And Get It - 4:00
Put Em Up High - 4:00