Danny De Leon

Danny De Leon


Taking Rock , Pop , acoustic type sounds and tying them with meanigful lryical content.


For me what started out as a bunch of teenage cousins gathering in my grandparents house playing our guitars and signing all genres of covers ranging from pearl jam to juan gabriel to led zepplin to george straight. It never mattered as long as it was a good song. While I and my cousins played in local cover bands half my life I always new I wanted to play my own songs. Throughout all this time I would always write songs about life, in forms of relationships , loss, love , movies anything that basically inspires me in some way.

After a 5 year stay in San Antonio I returned back home to South Texas to get Educated. Soon after finishing school I moved to Austin, Tx to where my sisters were living. So i'm thinking to myself here i am in the live music capital of the world time to make all my dreams a reality. I started writing like no other time in my life and just recording demos in my home studio. I started sending it to friends and family and anyone who would listen and everyone liked them , or atleast they said they did..ha. So I got some money together and am currently recording my first project not yet titiled. This albulm so far in the recording process is symbolizing a re-birth for me not just musically but life and learning to calm the mind sort of speak , not to force the song but let it come to you.


Can You Say - Demo
Larger than life - Demo
Forgive and Forget - Demo
Currently recording albulm