danny fast fingers

danny fast fingers

 Austin, Texas, USA

Danny's new cd "Snake Head Red" contains songs written while living in Austin and have a real Texas influence. Writing in various styles it's difficult to put Danny in a "genre". Elements of rock, folk, funk, jazz and blues permeate Danny's songwriting repertoire.


At the age of 8 a desire to learn how to play guitar led to three years of guitar lessons, studying Mel Bay method books and The Monkees greatest hits. First fret barre chords on a 1968 Harmony Acoustic led to a cessation of lessons.
Spanish 102 college final at Boston University led to his picking up guitar to accompany a fellow classmates rendition of Spanish folk songs. It was a rediscovery of his love for the guitar that has led to non stop playing since 1977. A summer semester at Berklee College of Music in 1979 opened up his ears and eyes to the requirements of being a proficient player. He's been writing songs since 1979 and has recorded independent vinyl and cd's since then.
A 7" 45 entitled "Kool Aid and Cyanide"/"To Be Inside You" in 1981 under the name DISSIDENTS defined his influence of 60's garage/punk/powerpop, balancing his themes of social criticism along with romantic love songs.

Danny found himself in a string of bands in the early 80's and evolved as a multi-instrumentalist adding bass, synthesizers, drum machines to his arsenal.

1986 found Danny exploring the techno pop genre with the "Attack of the Killer Robots" 12 inch single and accompanying video which received widespread play nationally on college radio and dance clubs. It was innovative combining acoustic guitar with heavy drum machine beats.

The late 80's found Danny in an avante garde techno duo called "Lassies Throat" He played guitar , keyboard , sax, and programmed beats accompanied by a female vocalist.

All the while maintaining his solo roots, Danny played a string of 17 shows at the famous CBGB Canteen in the late 80's and early 90's.

A visit to California in 1992 brought Danny back to his "folk" roots and his release "Mad River" showcased his barebones guitar and vocal arrangements which was received with high acclaim in Humboldt County.

A return to New York in 1994 found him continuing his solo career in East Village hot spots. An interest in Sitar evolved into guest performances on friends recordings culminating in his "Sitardelik" cd, a blend of sitar improvisation on top of programmed beats.

Collections of songs were his goal and he has many released and unreleased projects.

1998's Songs For Milton was recorded on a 4 track portastudio and holds up to this day as an organic 18 song collection straight from the studio in the basement of his parents house in New York.

The 21st Century has brought Danny's songwriting to a new level. His forte continues to be clever lyrics combined with memorable melodies. His rhythmic strumming style on 12 string gets an audience tapping on their feet.

2006 found him recording in Austin Texas, the end result being the iDanny album. 8 songs that flow from beginning to end featuring his 12 string layered with Hammond Organ and harmonica fills.

2007 Danny has completed his latest album "Snake Head Red" 5 songs are posted on this EPK. He feels this album is his best effort yet.

Growing up in the 60's had a profound effect on his style and Danny counts the Beatles as a main influence as well as Bob Dylan and Neil Young. In addition garage, surf, and bubble gum rock find their way into his songwriting styles.

Danny is a great fan of many styles of music from around the world ranging from Indian to Jamaican to Country/Western. Can you say Ravi Shankar, Augustus Pablo and Buck Owens in the same sentence. with a sprinkle of Tommy James and the Ohio Express on top?

Danny was the creator of the innovative Fast Fingers Music Software MIDI Keyboard Lessons first published in 1984.


2007 Snake Head Red
2006 iDanny
2005 MMV
2004 Sunburst Cherry
2001 Sitardelik
1998 Songs For Milton
1996 Darker Than Dark
1993 Mad River

1986 12" single "Attack of The Killer Robots"
1981 7" single "Kool Aid and Cyanide"/To Be Inside You"

Set List

Originals and Covers.

Pray For Rain
One To Four
Debra In The Heart Of Texas
Showdown On SOCO
Love Me Strange
Angels And Crickets
Code Redd
Fool's Love
Steal This Song
Got Nowhere To Go
The Devil Stole My Baby And He Won't Give Her Back To Me
Action Potential
Sunburst Cherry
Wait To Be Asked
Two Moons
Black Cat 13
Marzipan Alley
Back To The Stone
Razzled By The Dazzle
East River Blues
Melvin The Nasty Bat
Looking For A Light In The Middle Of The Night
Laughing On Monday
Nothing Is The Same Forever
Peaches And Cream
Playing Pool In Poole
Going Up And Down Again
Magic Forest
Alien In My Hometown
Devil's Prayer
Brooklyn Girls
Road To Eureka
Smell The Flowers
Andrea Levine
Waiting For The Light To Turn Green
Paradox Island
Runaway Brain
Lori Lori Lori
Blue Horizons

BEATLES Please Please Me
BEATLES I Should Have Known Better