Danny G and the Backdoor Visitors

Danny G and the Backdoor Visitors


Intense yet likeable, hard yet soft, it’s punk… but is it. Yes! but a new breed of punk. Orlando’s local punk band writes music that proves it’s on a mission to overcome the handicap of its name. And the BDV’s live show… it will melt your face off.


We have no story. We're early 20 somethings with "run of the mill" jobs living together in one house. We've been playing together for two years. Other hobbies include watching the History Channel and long walks at night.


George A. Romero,
Oh God they're Coming,
Urban Insurgent

Set List

45 min to 1 Hour,
Sea Camel, George A, Dan Touches, The Hamburgalar, The Hucklebuck, Mad Decent, Skulls (Misfits) Urban Insurgent