Danny Gilboa

Danny Gilboa


A combination of blues, rock and soundtrack elements


My name is Danny Gilboa, I was born in tel -aviv city in 27/03/72. i'm a singer-songwriter ,my main instrument is an acoustic guitar. I used to be the frontman and songwriter of the rock band "Mishmert Hazniut" that realesd two albums("One in a million"-2000 and "Mission in the jungle"-2005). now days I'm going solo and working on a new project: an album that's being produced by "bonna music" (the extremley talented doron plascow and ziv matushka). This new album is going to be a very interesting combination of blues combined with electro -acoustic vibe full of atmosphere


Take me Away

Written By: Danny Gilboa

take me away
pain goes away
when i'm with you
when i'm with you
needless to say
love me today
i know you will
i know you will
your truth makes me strong
but can i hold on without your love
without your love
my heart melts away
i know it's o.k to say goodbye
to say goodbye

all these years and those frears that had tortured me
you set all of them free by a blink of an eye
i can see i can see i can see
dosen't matter at all i'm free at last
freee to give and to take all you handed me frien
i can keep i can keep
so take me away....


One in a million - 2000
Mission in the jungle - 2005