Danny Godinez

Danny Godinez


A solo one man show. Singer/Songwriter & guitar wizard rolled into one. Exceptional playing ability tempered with passion, soul and art.


Always defying categorization,Danny Godinez is part guitar extraordinaire, part singer/songwriter, and a composer of a myriad of musical styles. He has toured heavily with the Danny Godinez Band, and has now embarked on a solo career. One reviewer described Danny live as such: "Danny Godinez will quickly get your attention with his acoustic guitar. He was smooth and fast. It was obvious that he "becomes one" with his guitar. When a guy uses harmonics, slaps his strings, picks with precision and speed, and masterfully bends his guitar neck to get just the perfect sound, you know that you are getting more than just music. You are getting the man's soul. When he adds smooth singing and even mimics his guitar licks with his vocals, you are getting soul and art." The live show is quite unique and extraordinary. He artistically embraces an advanced knowledge of musical looping, to rival the sonic landscapes of a full band. Danny has opened for notable acts such as ZZ Top, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Big Head Todd and the Monsters, Garaj Mahal, Jason Mraz, Alvin Youngblood Hart, Pura Fe, among others. His anticipated debut album is set for a 2007 release.


Danny's full length solo record is set for a 2008 release.

Set List

Set lists consists mainly of original pieces.