Danny Gutierrez

Danny Gutierrez


Imagine an introvert; one who only comes to life in music. Take the other-wordly ecclectic expressions of Prince, the sugary commercial vocals of George Michael, the lyrical potency of John Mayer, and put it in a pair of nerd-rocker jeans. This is Danny Gutierrez.


In spirit, I'm influenced by Spanish folk singers of the 20's and 30's. These are nameless, faceless master composers whose simple infectuous melodies have spread like fire and endured in the sacred depths of their culture's decendants.
I am one of these decendants, and I was born with the same nameless, faceless, passion. The popular artists I ran into as I got older taught me that sharing my story with the world can be something organic, and artistic, and commercal; often a difficult, complex mix.
Almost all of the songs I sing are religious themed. I am a Christian. But I don't use music to preach. I use it to talk to God. I ask Him things, tell Him things, thank Him for things I don't understand. Sometimes I just vent my frustration with Him. With this world. With my boss. With my car. Anything.
I value artists who have affected me on a deep level.
Stevie Wonder, Prince, John Mayer, John Legend are all the obvious ones. Jorge Drexler, Hector Lavoe, Los Lobos, War, Martin Denny, Les Baxter, Israel Houghton, Fred Hammond, are ones whose influence is more subtle, but their impact on me is no less significant.


"Nacio | The Christmas Album" LP
A bilingual self-produced release, described as "Christmas in a purple-rain forest."

"The Worship Medley" EP
Again self-produced, days away from release.

To date, only one track off "Nacio | The Christmas Album" received modest radio airplay.

Set List

While traveling to promote "Nacio | The Christmas Album" a typical set lasted 20-30 minutes. The sets included:
El Cordero de Dios/The Lamb of God
Te Esperamos/Waiting
The Christ is Born
His Name is Jesus

All songs are featured on "Nacio | The Christmas Album."

As of now, no dates have been set featuring tracks off "The Worship Medley."