Dan Haynes

Dan Haynes

 Aurora, Colorado, USA

Original blues/roots rock music performed by some of the best musicians in the heart of Australia featuring smooth vocals, warm guitars, and a tight rhythm section wound around soulful keyboards.


This is real music played by real musicians from Dallas to Alice! After being a working musician on the road for 25 years based in Dallas, Texas, Dan and his family moved to Alice Springs in Central Australia (where they would later become permanent residents). Dan didn't anticipate having many opportunities to play music in the outback, so he looked forward to relaxing a bit and taking some time to enjoy the natural beauty that would surround him. Once he arrived in Australia, he quickly discovered this would not be the case! He found the musicians in Alice Springs to be very accomplished and keen to play the kind of music he wrote and loved to perform. This resulted in an instant kinship bonded by the universal language and love of music. After years of playing together in the pubs of heartland Australia, Danny and the band have released Built for Comfort. Danny became an Australian citizen on Australia Day, 2011.


When The Light Goes Out

Written By: Danny Haynes

Someday soon, I'll forget about you
Till that day, I'll have the sometimes blues
Sometimes in the mornin', layin' in my bed
I hear your voice whisper in my head
Sometimes in the evenin' when the sun goes down
I see your shadow when the light goes out

The Blues Just Got More Blue

Written By: Danny Haynes

The blues just got more blue,
The truth just got more true,
The sad just got more sad,
You took the best I had,
We had so much to do
But now without you,
The blues just got more blue.

What does it take

Written By: Danny Haynes

Yesterday I wrote a letter to myself
Yesterday I tried to love somebody else
Left my number by a barroom phone
But if anyone should call, I won't be home
Today I had a beer for breakfast
Combed my hair, then got dressed
Workin' the department of the sanitation and I'm pen-pals with a mental patient
What does it take
Won't you trade your cake for a crumb
What does it take
Won't you trade your Cadillac for cab-fare
Tomorrow's forecast is clear
It will be cloudy for me after a case of beer
Seems the odds are always 50-50
I'm takin' bets you never miss me


Built for Comfort-LP
Complete songs can be heard at www.built4comfort.com
Song samples can be heard at

Set List

Typically, we play songs from the album during our set, which goes for about 55 minutes.