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The best kept secret in music


"Review of the NEW live show!"

The Danny Isaacs Band (DIB)started about half way through my second cocktail. If you've never seen his show.....My God, your missing out!! The whole show is extremely energetic. No matter what's going on around you, it's impossible, and completely stupid to take your eyes off the stage for a second. You never know what he's going to do next. The electricity DIB puts out is not only felt by the crowd...it was shared. Without a doubt this guy was born on stage. It's where he belongs.
For a room of 10 or a 60,000 seat venue, this guy ROCKS!! Along with playing the Midwest Music Summit in August, he was telling me about opening for Sammy Hagar at Verizon Wireless Music Center on July 14. As he's telling me this I'm thinking to myself, "How the hell is Sammy going to follow this act???" DIB has a great thing going check them out soon, tell them Lonewolf sent ya.

This band is HOT, and the heat was felt throughout the building.

- Johnney Lyles

"Another Review of the NEW Live show!"

The energy that The Danny Isaacs Band brings to the stage is freakin' amazing! We've only had the honor of sharing the same stage twice with these guys and both times we've been blown away by the high energy of the band and the music! Always a great time when watching these guys perform.
- Room 236

"Midwest Music Summit 2007"

I did, however, get to soak some suds with 19Clark25 while catching a good performance by the Danny Isaacs Band. Danny, Greg and Ray have been friends of mine since about 2001. You can always depend on DIB to put on a good show and play tunes that draw from their influences of Americana and straight up rock ‘n’ roll. One thing I’ve always admired about DIB’s writing is how they fill their songs with hook after hook after hook. That is a songwriting talent I really need to take a lesson from. Their sound was good and the crowd at the Stone Mug was definitely into it. Danny has shown consistency and a positive musical attitude that I wish would spread throughout the music community here in Indy and throughout the nation as well.

- -- Brian McKenna --

"DIB @ the Patio Benchmark BOB 5/5/2004"

DIB has always carried the All-American bar rock vibe, but some of their newer material seems to either signal an intermittent identity crisis or a completely divergent direction for the group. A few of their new songs had a heavier, almost stoner rock-like core. The material was even pretty good, but I couldn’t shake the feeling they were trying to mask their heritage like trying on a costume. This is probably because the heavier songs were book-ended by their more signature straight forward rock tunes. Perhaps they’re looking into transitioning or maybe its just a little experimentation. Either way, they are definitely talented musicians and it will be interesting to see where they choose to go with their sound. Their performance was strong and I was a little surprised that they didn’t progress.
Danica Johnson
- Donewaiting.com / Indy Ink by Danica Johnson

"MWB Review of DIB EP"

I have heard about The Danny Isaacs Band for several months, but honestly, never heard them play until this past summer. In my mind, it seems like the band has been around for a long time (the name of the band just sounds like one of those bands that’s been playing for years!), but in actuality, they have only been together for two years. In fact, the band was put together in August of 2001 to play the Midwest Music Summit, and according to the bio on their web site, the past two years have been like a roller coaster ride that they haven’t wanted to stop! Not too shabby, if you think about it!

We established a connection with the band when Gregg Jones, the lead guitarist for Danny Isaacs, posted his band HEAVENandHELL on the site. A few days later, so did The Danny Isaacs Band. I wasn’t aware that Gregg was in both bands until I talked with him a few weeks later. I’m not sure what kind of sound I expected from Danny Isaacs; after hearing HEAVENandHELL, I thought that they were probably a heavier band. It just goes to show how a perception can trick your mind into expecting things to be a certain way.

It really makes total sense that the two bands sound different; after all, the Danny Isaacs Band is driven by Danny Isaacs (I’m pretty quick, huh?). His music is very rock-pop oriented. That may seem negative to a few people; to me, that means the songs are rock songs driven by great melodies! Call it what you will, but this is great rock music, in the tradition of other great Indiana rockers, like Mellencamp, or Henry Lee Summer!

The 3-song EP is way too short, if you ask me! It kicks off with “Love Away”, a great guitar rocker, with a very hooky chorus. Production on the song is incredibly large, and gives the song an incredibly professional, full sound! Many rock bands hope to achieve this sort of sound on their full-length releases, so for DIB’s EP to sound this good is a major accomplishment! “Down”, the 2nd song on the EP, is a bit of a sleeper; it doesn’t have the same attraction for me as the other two songs on the disc, but honestly, it is a very good song! Again, a lot of bands would love to have this song in their repertoire, and would love to make a song sound this good! For me, it’s not as imaginative or creative as the other two, but as the CD continues to play, the song does grow on you! Of the three songs, though, it is my least favorite.

The last song, “Beside You”, is my favorite! I like the guitars, I like the melody, I like the vocal harmonies… I like everything about the song! This one highlights the talents of each band member well, and shows that over the two years that the band has performed together, they have formed a very cohesive and tight sound!

At this point, I also have to say that I don’t know if I’ve talked to a nicer bunch of guys than the members of The Danny Isaacs Band! I saw them at the Two Ring Circus in Indianapolis back in June, and got a chance to chat with them briefly after their set. They were very nice, down to earth guys that really love playing music! It showed in their attitude, and in the way that they talked about the band, and the things that they were working on for the future. They are the kind of people that you hope to meet after a show, who make you feel like the most important thing that they have to do at that moment is talk to you. That impresses me, and to be honest, puts a bigger premium on the music that they play!

Definitely make it a priority to find out about The Danny Isaacs Band! They play very regularly in and around Indianapolis, and are working at branching out to surrounding areas, so that they can get a regional following. The songs from their 3-song EP are available for download on their website; if you can’t get a physical copy of the disc, I would recommend that you get to their site and hear their music! I like this band, and I look for big things to happen for them in the future!---Mark Lush, MWB 10/8/03
- MidwestBands.com - Mark Lush


Soundtrack for AMRA season opener DVD (3 tracks)
D.I.B EP (5 tracks)
Indy MP3 Project CD (one track)
Danny Isaacs Band EP (3 tracks)
IndianapolisMusic.net MP3 CD ( one track)
CD from the 2003 Benchmark Records Battle of the Bands (one track)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Danny Isaacs Band is a 5-piece rock band tearing up Indianapolis, Indiana.

Flashback begins…..

It all started back in 1994 when Danny met Gregg at a pizza shop they were working at. They knew they were both in bands at the time, and wanted to check out the others band.
Gregg came out to see Dannys band and seen that they needed a real guitar player. After they hooked up, that band kind of fell apart. Enter Ray. Ray and Danny knew each other from the “scene” at the time. They started playing out all over and went on for what seemed like forever. That band kind of fell apart. So, in the down time Danny started playing out as a solo acoustic thing. All the while, hitting the studio and recording demos. Gregg and Ray also had other bands during the down time.
In 2001 the first Midwest Music Summit was coming up so Danny submitted to play. He was asked to do an acoustic show at the hosting hotel. He didn’t want to do it alone so he had Gregg sit in on the set. It went great; Ray and his current bass player came out to see the show. They all had some drinks and the Danny Isaacs Band was born!
Since then the band has been on a roller coaster ride that doesn’t seem to want to stop. Especially now that they have found their forth brother in rock, Eric! They have played every Midwest Music Summit; 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005. They have opened for National acts, played at the biggest venues in Indy, played at the Indiana State Fair twice and traveled a little out of state. They have sold out of both 5 song demos they put out in the last year.

Back to now….. End flashback…

The band seems to be creating quite a buzz everywhere they play.
They are currently writing new material for a CD that will be released “sometime” in 2007. That seems to be the only thing they haven’t done yet! The band still plays at all the hippest clubs in town and is looking forward to covering more ground than ever before. It’s all about taking the music to the people, so this year it’s about getting out there and seeing what the people think about D.I.B!