Danny Jonokuchi Experiment

Danny Jonokuchi Experiment

 New York City, New York, USA

"This 22-year-old bandleader is definitely a sound of this era for all the best reasons."
"[Danny Jonokuchi's] band is quite flexible in their delivery of these well crafted arrangements, showing that good jazz doesn’t have to be all improvisation as much as inspiration." -(JazzWeekly)


Danny Jonokuchi has proven to be one of the most unique and dynamic musicians to arrive on the New York jazz scene. The experiment band is one of his several ongoing projects that performs regularly. This electric group creates sounds reminiscent of different eras and genres ranging from R&B, Soul, Funk, Bebop, Fusion, and more. The band maintains a certain complexity without coming across as esoteric or dissonant. The songs feature memorable melodies sung by vocalist Alexa Barchini.


Song For Days to Come

Written By: Danny Jonokuchi

woke up laughing from a nightmare
saw my body broken
torn into paper pieces
oh my goodness
who am I to say to another
that love can help me to recover

went out walking by the seaside
felt my aching muscles
give before the sand below me
that was when I realized
my heart wasn't beating
but love would tell me I was dreaming


Written By: Alexa Barchini, Music by Danny Jonokuchi

All blue and gray
like in my sleep when I'm flying
but it's a cloud
I know I can't peek into the future
Can't see what there is out for me
I can't see anything at all

Its when I climb
I wonder where I'm going
I look up and down
I see my house, my mother,
and my old loves,
I see them all but above
I don't see anything at all


Reboot (2013)

Set List

Night and Day
Song for Days to Come
Between Us and Progress
Money Train
Another Epiphany

(Setlist subject to change)