Danny Katz

Danny Katz

 New York City, New York, USA

Danny Katz: folk-pop with an '80s twist. The bastard child of The Postal Service and Ben Folds.


Danny Katz: 80s flavored folk-pop. The prodigal son of The Postal Service and Ben Folds, Danny just released "Japanese Satellites," his seventh studio album. Proficient in guitar, piano and jiuta-shamisen, Danny entertains audiences throughout the U.S. with unique covers, such as a folk version of Missy Elliot's "Work It," and his originals, which cover topics from the quirky to the hopelessly romantic. While he recorded a comedy album, "More Than Meets the Ear: Sections from Transformers the Musical," in 2007, "Japanese Satellites" is his first major project since 2006's "Strangely Beautiful."

"Japanese Satellites" is a powerful pop meditation on the trials and tribulations of finding love in one’s early 30s. Katz guides us through the different stages of the journey by switching deftly from humor (“Passover,” “Magnificently Lonely”), heartache (“Modesto,” “Sacramento,” “Fall in Michigan,” and “Breakfast”), even taking a detour in alienation (“Limitations”) and unrequited love (“Bushwick,” “Taipei,” “Yearning,” “Boston”) before ultimately finding affirmation (“Revival,” “I’ll Pretend”).

Drawing cues from artists such as Coldplay, U2, Fleetwood Mac, Thin Lizzy and Paul Simon, Katz worked with guitarist/producer Aaron Nevezie of The Bunker Studio in South Williamsburg, Brooklyn (Dangermouse, Moby, Ambulance LTD) to create an album that bounces between chamber-pop, 60s era folk and 80/90s guitar pop.

With the contributions of many Brooklyn-area musicians, songs feature a wide range of instruments- guitar, piano, glockenspiel, melodica, violin, and cello- infusing this rising pop star’s music with the earnestness of a folksinger. His latest album reflects a deeper sophistication of songwriting well beyond his years- a tour de force which only Danny Katz can deliver.



Written By: Danny Katz

Watching you vanish through airport security
My head down and my hands empty
Feeling sadder than I should feel
Wandering Terminal 5 - a crushed out high school girl

Now I think of all these words
I never had the courage to say
I hope you’re doing well in Taipei
I hope you’re doing well in Taipei

Knowing you’re leaving this city we called home
The impression you made grows stronger
Sitting next to you alone in Carnegie
Dancing around feelings – an unappreciated art


Now I’m feeling all these words
I never had the courage to say
I hope you’re doing well in Taipei
I hope you’re doing well in Taipei


Written By: Danny Katz

You lead the way
Out of Bushwick to Astoria
As your roommate moves off the grid with his dog
To restart life in Vermont

Clear skies and I wonder what keeps us all here
In this city - that beleaguered fear
Asking for good graces
Waiting to hear your taunts

Though I may be ready for the fall, part two
I should roll w/the punches recalibrate my hunches
Try hard not to steamroller you (and to realize)
At 31 what's still left to be undone

But the taunts don't come at all
Canadian through and through
Rolling furniture into your U-Haul
Just to get closer to you


Something about the gap of 5 years back
From your 26 revolutions to claim your place in
This city's architecture - gargoyles in shades of grey
Can we find ourselves in each other's face
Can we find ourselves in each other's face


I may have been ready for the fall, part two
I rolled w/the punches recalibrated my hunches
Tried hard not to steamroller thru (but at 32)
I’m still waiting for you


Written By: Danny Katz

Oh, Sacramento - give me something I can keep
Give me something real

Here's another lonely Saturday night
YouTube feeds, computer screens, Japanese satellites

Oh, Sacramento - give me something I can keep
Show me something real
Oh, Sacramento - leave me something I can hold
Give me something to feel

Memories reverberate through this empty room
Cardboard boxed photographs, relics of our past

Give me something I can keep
Show me something real

As we volley words back and forth
This love plays out in syndication
We’re shadow boxing back and forth
We play on and on in syndication
On and on in syndication



Written By: Danny Katz

That was the last exit in Brooklyn
Oh no here we are in Staten Island
Your road rage is to be reckoned with
I don’t understand British GPS

Turn right there, turn right here
You're such a stupid putz my dear
Last year we ended up in Bayonne
Not so jersey fresh

Why didn't we take the train
We need a getaway plan
For when your family gets all cray-cray
And insane

Telling us all we're going to hell
No amount of Manischewitz can dispel
My holiday cheer I fear
Another Passover with the in-laws

Remember Uncle Morty
Throwing the shank bone at me
He said my gay agenda
Would get me dismembered

Aunt Ethel said I wasn't Jewish enough
My Buddism bullhockey in the rough
When I asked her to pass the charoset
She just growled at me

Couldn't we make other plans
A trip to the moon - a tour of Afghanistan
When your family says
We're not American enough


We made a wrong turn
Why are we in New London
Well nothing’s better than
Suburban Connecticut

We can say Elijah came
Early this year
Though I fear the wrath
Of the in-laws


Even I've Got Standards

Written By: Danny Katz

This room looks like a bad military fantasy
Mini missiles aimed to conquer the summer skies
I could have swore when I met you online, you'd prefer to wine and dine
Not bring me home to show me your Legoland army

This has got to be the strangest date I've ever had
What started out as sex appeal has dissipated into me staring up at
you like you're absolutely mad
All your army characters have smiles painted on
I mean even the ones without a head, a leg or an arm

Aren't there supposed to be, guidelines for dating
I guess I'll have to ask Anne Landers
I used to think that I was an open minded guy
But even I've got standards

Dad was a cold war strategist and your mom a psychotherapist
Well suddenly your behavior makes just a little more sense
But when I saw your interchangeable hair pieces and your C-shaped hands
I must admit it made me just a little bit tense



Written By: Danny Katz

Yes I am an artist
Yes I can connect
Well I can sit here and shit analysis
And of course I demand your respect

With my tie-dyed hair
And my pierced ear
And my trendy label
As the world's first bisexual queer

I can do anything cuz I'm a Trendsetter
And I've got the make and the model
Number of the next Eddie Vedder
For better or for worse

Yes I am an artist
And I can do my part
I can sit here in wonderment
Cuz confusion is my art

I don't know where I'm going
And I don't know where I've been
So I guess I've got just what it takes
To be the next world leader pretend



Japanese Satellites - LP
More Than Meets the Ear - LP
Strangely Beautiful - LP
Landscape - EP
G*y Shock - EP
The College Application Song - Single
My Apple Tree - LP
Friday Nights - LP

Set List

Typical set length: 20-60 min.

1. Bushwick (from Japanese Satellites)
2. Even I've Got Standards (from Strangely Beautiful)
3. Trendsetter (from Landscape)
4. You've Just Begun to Discover (from Strangely Beautiful)
5. Taipei (from Japanese Satellites)
6. Passover (from Japanese Satellites)
7. Sacramento (from Japanese Satellites)

1. Work It (Missy Elliot)
2. Karma Chameleon (Culture Club)
3. Oh La'Mour (Erasure)
4. Take On Me (A-ha)
5. 80s Medley: Reading Rainbow / Transformers Theme / Jem / Thundercats / The Rainbow Connection