MontrĂ©al, Quebec, CAN
BandPopAdult Contemporary

Danny's music is probably best described as eclectic Adult/Pop/Rock, reflecting his varied tastes in music,his personality and curiosity about the world around him. He is a vocalist/songcrafter/musician/performer, with much experience writing in many styles and having an intense passion for his art.


What makes Danny Kerr stand out as a vocalist/musician and songcrafter/performer is without question his personality, versatility, the recognizable quality of his mutifaceted voice and the dedicated craftsmanship he brings to his songwriting.

The Voice: textured, very versatile and with a wide range. He is also a guitarist and keyboardist with a great sense of rythm and feel which allows him to write songs in many different grooves, depending on which instrument it was written on.

Danny possesses a rarely-seen, unusually extensive catalogue of songs in many styles, bringing forth much experience in songwriting, respecting the great songwriters that came before and the interesting new ones as well. It takes skill to write a catchy pop tune, but it takes more depth to write a catchy pop tune that has substance and will stand the test of time. This is Danny's aim and time (and the proper contacts) will tell if he is succeeding. Among other elements, a good song needs to have a memorable melody, hooks and original lyrics that mean something and Danny delivers on all counts.

His influences are many and, again, quite varied. The Beatles are his main influence because they wrote the book on great popular songwriting, as well as Elton John and Bernie Taupin, one of the greatest songwriting teams of all time, having produced so many well-crafted songs. Other influences include Keith Urban, Led Zeppelin, Queen, Jamie Cullum, Billy Joel, John Mayer, among many others.

Take the time and attention to listen to Danny Kerr's music. The more you hear his songs, the more you'll discover what lies in them musically, vocally and lyrically.

For more info and to get to know Danny and his music more, visit his website at www.dannykerr.com


Danny Kerr's debut album "Pssst!" has been released independently by Danny in 2011 and has garnered great reviews from varied present fans and complete strangers (who have now become fans!).

Danny is actively pursuing his goal of getting his songs out there to a great and vast international audience and go out and perform for them all.

Danny's CD "Pssst!" is now available for download on iTunes and www.cdbaby.com and soon on other sites as well.

Set List

Danny has played in various bands over the years, mainly in Classic Rock bands but also Alternative, Pop, R&B, Soul, Motown, Blues, accounting for his uncanny ability to be able to cover such a range with his voice and songwriting.

His present live band is a Montreal-based Classic Rock cover band in which he is the lead vocalist, back-up vocalist, keyboardist and rythm guitar player. Their repertoire consists of a well-appreciated variety of material including: The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Supertramp, Bon Jovi, The Eagles, Elton John, and Pink Floyd among many others. This band is strictly for live covers playing.

Danny is now putting together his original band.