Danny Lacey

Danny Lacey

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I'm a Christian songwriter passionate about writing songs that people can connect with emotionally to lead them to a place of authentic worship and thoughtful consideration about their life.


I've been leading worship and writing songs about the Christian faith and walk now since 1992. I love leading people to connect in a genuine musical expression of worship and I am honored when God allows a song I've written to draw people to that place.


I'll Be There

Written By: Danny Lacey

Verse 1:
Life’s a journey and all will find
True joy comes in where you spend your time
Learn to love and learn to give
Sacrifice is how we should live

Verse 2:
When I found you I realized
how good it is to be alive
My forever friend My love that’s true
Take my hand, I’ll walk along with you

Hand in hand we will walk this road
You’re not alone, cause I’ll be there
Every mile and every turn I know You’ll learn
That I’ll be there


I have 3 songs written for and published by Lifeway Resources. They appear in their FAITH Evangelism training materials. I also have had 2 songs published by Belden Street Music that appear in their Riverspring product.

Set List

I lead music at church every Sunday and typically will do between 4-6 songs. I try to do an original work every two weeks or so in our local church.