Danny Lee Dunn

Danny Lee Dunn


Danny Lee Dunn pours in bold, honest lyrics derived from hard-earned life experiences. Then by mixing it up with some “kick-drivin” rhythms, deeply intuitive melodies and “good-timin” jams, he blends an irresistible concoction of Country, served “straight-up”.


Though there is no doubt he is a country boy at heart, Dunn’s passion for all music has sculpted his view of the world around him. From Keith Whitley and Kenny Chesney, to Elvis Presley and The Steve Miller Band, Dunn draws from a wide range of musical influence beginning with his own family.

Preceded by three generations of country musicians and songwriters, he is no "black-sheep" of this family tradition. A tradition that had Dunn “strummin’ his six-string” and performing by the time he was seven-years old. He has embraced a reference to those that have paved the way, and varied it with his own easy-going, yet, contemplative style. This balance of the past and present is the backbone of Dunn’s sound.

Dunn’s earliest years were spent on the road, and living in various cities such as Austin, TX and Nashville, TN. Being born into a is family of touring musicians, singers and songwriters, it seemed that he was destined to live the lifestyle that parallels the music industry. Nevertheless, his mother, Cindy, desired a more conventional environment for her children to grow up in. By the time, he had reached school age; their family had settled into the cozy little town of Comstock. It was in this small Southwest Michigan town that Dunn spent the remainder of his childhood and adolescent days.

For his seventh birthday, Dunn received his first guitar. His Grandfather began teaching him the Country music classics. Songs such as “No Letter Today”, and “Truck Driving Man”, were an inspiration. Dunn’s young passion drove his small hands to practice day and night. Within months, he could play well enough to accompany his own vocals. From that point on, wherever he went, his guitar came along. Whether it was holidays, weddings, or just visiting friends and family, it became innate that someone would request a performance before the night was through.

Around the age of 12, he began writing his first song. After that, songwriting became a second language to Dunn. There was not a life experience passed or a “one-liner” within range, which did not inspire a lyric or melody. Recognizing that the family talent had carried down to the next generation, Dunn’s uncles decided to “show him the ropes” of production. They began teaching him both the musical and technical elements of the recording studio.

From those early days, rather he was singing in the choir, performing in church, winning national talent contests, hosting his weekly Songwriter’s Night, or working on one of his various band projects (including a grunge-rock band, channeling Nirvana and Silverchair), Dunn’s heart never strayed from his roots, and first love, Country music. Nor did his heart stray from the dream of someday “hanging his hat” again in Music City. The place of bright lights and loud music, recalled mostly from stories told of the early years of his life. When the time right to answer his call, Dunn got into his car and jumped onto HWY 69 south, Nashville bound……………...and there was no turning back.

Today, whether performing in Nashville or, on the road, Danny Lee Dunn gives the crowd a strong shot of energy and chases-it-down with his warm and soulful vocals. He pours in bold, honest lyrics derived from hard-earned life experiences. And by mixing it up with some kick-drivin’ rhythms, deeply intuitive melodies and good-timin’ jams, Dunn blends an irresitible concoction of Country, served “straight-up”.


Songs Written/Recorded By Danny Lee Dunn:

"Stuck on Yellow"
"Turn 'em Country and Turn'em Loose"
"Waiting For Life"
"I Don't Like The Man"
"Breaking Up With Your Mom"
"Ever Crossed Your Heart"
"He is Real"
"Back To the Good Life"
"Meanest Nice Guy"
"Just Take a Look At Me"
"In the Devil's Hands"
"That's the way I feel (When I'm With You)"
"When It Rains, It Pours"
"Dear God, Bring America Back to You"
"When I Look Outside"

Set List

Typical Set List (includes covers and originals):

1. Sleep when I’m dead
2. On a good night
3. Aint my truck
4. Lay ya down
5. Hell yea
6. Almost home
7. Back to the good life
8. Fishin in the dark
9. Relentless
10. What kind of gone
11. Dust on the bottle
12. Just got started loving you
13. Sold