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Austin, Texas, United States

Austin, Texas, United States
Band Rock Folk


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"G is for Genius"

G is for Genius. And Austin's Danny Malone certainly qualifies for that characterization. Take a singer/songwriter with a requisite awesome album - Cuddlebug - and add in a live show including dance moves and sometimes a full modern dance routine, and the result is 'WTF' mesmerizing. More on Danny here.
- Indie Sounds NY & Austin (Harris Radio)

"Skewed Self Awareness"

Skewed Self-Awareness

Danny Malone is kind of like a Ben Kweller cousin with a Bright Eyes streak, except even if you’re one of those people who would rather pop Conor Oberst in the kisser than listen to one of his confessional early tunes, Malone might stand a chance with you. His 2009 release, Cuddlebug, begins exuberantly: “Tell me all the secrets that you know / and I’ll tell you all about my broken heart,” the young singer-songwriter demands, his reedy voice paired with a pretty female harmony. On “My Affection,” Malone suggests he might not be the charmer his tunes imply; two songs later, he’s singing to a woman who tells him he’s different when he drinks; a few more tracks pass, and Malone’s claiming he “only ever kissed a couple sips of wine.” Sure you did, kid.

If that sounds angsty, hold up a minute: Malone’s self-awareness is self-deprecating but sly, with a certain down-South charm. His bio is absurd; what can you learn from “Danny is not made of the same things as you and yours. Danny is made of marshmallow and razor blades wrapped in tiger skin,” other than that this skinny Texan probably doesn’t take himself too seriously? His boyish voice is pitched to perfection against the smart arrangements — harmonies are carefully doled out, as nifty and cheerful as those on a Rentals record; some songs take on a ’70s tinge without sounding like unearthed covers; bar-room pianos and horns make guest appearances. On One Longy Long Day, and the Bubblegum Coffin Club, a collection of mostly covers Malone recorded over Christmas, “Tiny Dancer” gets a solemn treatment and Malone demonstrates that he can do a drifty Joanna Newsom song as well as anyone. But the covers are just the frosting; Malone’s slightly skewed, smart, sweet songs are plenty appealing on their own. Danny Malone and Chesapeake Blue play at 9 pm Thursday, Feb. 11, at Sam Bond’s Garage. 21+. $3-$5. — Molly Templeton

- Eugene Weekly

"Peace, Joy Cure for Sickness:Danny Malone"

Austin-based musician Danny Malone, with influences from the Cure to 50 Cent, brings his unique blend of music and dance to Redding.

Danny, welcome to Redding. Before I ask you anything else, I need you to tell us what it’s like to live on a planet of your own making. Does your music (or your dance moves) reflect that?

It’s terrifying and lonely, but it makes much more sense than the other worlds I’ve tried. Yes, I suppose my music and dancing reflect this place. I try to stay very conscious of and connected to this world whenever I venture into public, it’s the only safe place I’ve ever been. The rest of the universe seems to scare me quite a bit.

And those dance moves - wow! When did you infuse dance into your shows?

Probably about four months ago was the first time it was introduced in front of a crowd.

How is your West Coast tour going so far?

To my standards, it’s going very well. It feels desperately important, and I’m living only for it. I’m deeply emotional about it. And I’ve staved off the demons so far. Everyone is safe.

Rate from favorite to least favorite: House Concert, Restaurant and Club? Why?

It seems to matter less and less where I play. I’m starting to not notice crowds at all. I suppose restaurants can be loud and distracting, so that can sometimes make them not ideal for a performer. But really, the more unassuming places can end up being the most affected.

What’s your most memorable touring moment?

Sometimes my mind shuts off, and when I wake back up, I won’t remember how I got somewhere. In Arizona, I woke up in the desert next to train tracks with a train bearing down. I saw a burning butterfly and watched it fly across my field of vision very, very fast. Then after the train passed, I walked back to where I figured the car was parked and my friend Pony was waiting and drove us to the show in Tucson. We were very late, but it just so happened that the club manager was late as well, so no one realized we were late, and in fact they were very apologetic for the show getting pushed back. I told them it was fine, but to not let it happen again.

You’ve got a wide range of influences. But in this scenario, you can choose only five of them for a Danny Malone soup. Which five?

Big Big Love, The Big Sad, my genetic predispositions, my inability to communicate with people outside of artistic expression, and drugs.

What can we expect from your show in Redding this week?

Who knows? It will undoubtedly be engaging. Usually I sing songs and dance a little. But I’m not too in control of anything anymore. I’m maybe as interested to see as you are.

Now, the world needs to know more about your pet monkeys.

Yes. They both have the big sad, and feel the big big love. They are a burden I must forever live with. I have no choice. They are truly beautiful creatures. - anewscafe.com



"My Affection" - KUT
"Baby Bleu" - KUT



Dear people interested in the life events of the Danny Malone;

While in a self-induced drug coma, a skinless tiger came to me. He told me to go back to my world, to find a man named Danny Malone. He said Danny had something of the tiger's that the tiger wanted back. When I awoke eleven years later, I bought a walking stick and a map of the world and set out to find the tiger's prey. This is what I found instead.

Danny was conceived at 11:11 and born at 12:34 AM...and PM...simultaneously. All on the same day. A day which does not exist on present society's calender. At birth he weighed exactly the same as tiny little Baby Jesus: 8lbs. 7ozs. He never gained or lost an ounce, even though he appears full grown. Don't believe me? Prove it to yourself. Walk up to him and grab him by his giant lady hips and give him a toss in the air, but don't let him land on you; for danny is not made of the same things as you and yours. Danny is made of marshmallow and razor blades wrapped in tiger skin.

Danny's music career started quite early. He played his first sold out show in the womb. He now plays music with his sister. There's speculation that they were, at one time, married. I found no evidence for or against this.

Oh and the dance moves...the dance.....Danny owns all of his own dance moves, none borrowed and none stolen. Moves so powerful they have brought peace to warring peoples, joy to the depressed, and a cure for sickness. Once the world started moving in unison to the rhythm of the razor blades rattling around in that striped leather they fittingly announced the official development of a new religion based on the peace and love and all healing power of the dance.

He is a saver and a wrecking ball. He would cut off his arms to bleed life into all that cannot feel and need to love.

He has two sad monkeys. One of these monkeys is the devil himself and the other was born with pterodactyl wings. Danny would do anything that he could to protect these sad monkeys from the probing and dissecting of the scientists that want to study these frightening but beautiful creatures. Being the leader of the Dance Dance Religion he added an amendment that allows him to take these monkeys as his wives and to legally keep the scientists and celebrities at bay.

Danny currently resides on a planet of his own making. A world of pure energy. Where chaos is king, and sadness is queen, and the prince is made mostly of violence and pain. Where the rivers run with Thom Kha soup, and the sad sad monkeys cry peanut butter tears. A world where dance is the only form of communication.

Forever in research,

Airplane Airplane