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Danny Mcclain


Point blank my music is it's own style in it's self.


First off I need to give a shout out to my cousin chad who helped me produce these songs. Thanks a ton man. I have lived a pretty chaotic yet amazing life. Stumbling at every turn I take but always managing to climb right back on top. Back when I was in my teens I played with a band Soulbind which started my career. I found that music is my place in life and where I should stand and the only place I will stand for ever. Starting from screams all the way to the deep slow heartfelt music, I have created my own self. Most all songs I have wrote and still write today is my life and where it has stood throughout. I feel one day to stand at the top of the steepest cliff, at the darkest night, and heart my music play across the entire world. I hope everyone that hears my music can relate, and hopefully create an epiphany for most. Also look for me standing with a backbone rocking out across the USA as soon as the path I am made to walk ends up in front of me. Thank you all who have helped me through my life and stood by me, I will sure make it up to you all and show you who, and what I have become.


Just Like me

Written By: Danny McClain

“Just like Me” by Danny Lee McClain Jr

Just like me x4
It could’ve been
Just like me
It could’ve been
Just like me, just like, just like, just like me

Such a surprise I never realized, that it was a burden
Maybe I’m wrong, just don’t belong
But should it be your choice, are you certain
I guess if I had a choice, I’d see things differently
But you went behind my back and tried to lie to me
He could have had blue eyes; she could have had blonde hair
It could have been just like me
Just like me x2
On the day you left me, I never knew you were even there
Before I could get to know you, mommy made you disappear
Never got to say I love you, or even wipe your tears
Please be patient, wait for me, I’ll be home, I’ll be home in a few years
I didn’t know you had a license to kill

Just like me x6
It could have been, just like me, it could have been, it could have been, just like me
It could have been just like me.
Just like me.

We could have wrote this song together, we could have played catch in freezing weather
I could have been, I would have been, but I didn’t have a chance to win
If nothing in this life I would have been your best friend but this is the end
I miss you daddy and good luck with your life
The only thing I can do is stay alive in your mind
Don’t blame yourself, it’s not your fault that I died
So keep your head up and kiss mommy goodbye
I’ll be around I’m the shine in your eye
I’m the son you never had, It’s too bad so goodbye
But just get a grip and hold on tight
I must have been a mistake but it still wasn’t right

I didn’t know you had a license to kill


Danny MCclain- Danny MCclain

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