Danny McIntosh

Danny McIntosh


Original Country, Folk and Rock-N-Roll tossed into a blender.


I grew up in southern michigan on a 40 acre hobby farm of sorts, about 5 miles out of town on a dirt road. I was 14 when I wrote my first song, and I've been writing since. I started writing for what I hoped some day would become and pass as main stream rock and pop alternative, But it all changed when I moved to Montana in the summer of 2003. It's been country ever since.

My long term goal however is to become a professional song writer. Until then, I'll continue to perform in bars, coffee shops and for friends


Advice From Me

Written By: Danny McIntosh

Good bye she said as I walked out the door.
And that look on my face meant I won’t be coming round here no more.
So I threw all I own in the back of my old truck.
With one last look one last kiss and a photograph for good like.
I pointed that old truck south, ended up down by New Orleans.
found a sleepy little town, and stopped, too see what I could see.

My head started hurting so I stopped for a drink
hit the bar, hit the bottle, and sobered down so I could think.
And stumbled outside and met a bum in the street.
He said for not much less than a dime he’d sell this advice to me.

It’s a penny for my thoughts, and a nickel for my mind
Son I’ve got what you want if you’ve got the time and the dime.
He said;
Live young, Die old, stand up straight, don’t forget the stories
your daddy told, and live life on the edge of your seat and stand
tall on your own to feet. That’s some advice from me.

Seven years gone by, and I’ve got a family of me own.
Got a dog, got a kid, got a wife and a cute little picket fenced home.
But, not a day goes by when I don’t thank that man I met on the street.
The best six cents I ve ever spent, but today it’s yours for free

It’s a penny for my thoughts, and a nickel for my mind
Son I’ve got what you want if you’ve got the time and the dime.
He said;
2nd Chorus
Live young and die old stand up straight and be strong when it’s hard
I know you will carry on, and live life on the edge of your seat, and
stand tall on your own two feet, with your head held high and,
your heart on your sleeve. Oh that’s some advice from me.

Secret To Life

Written By: Danny McIntosh

Front porch of the general store in a Blue Ridge Mt. Town
We went down to visit my uncle and he let me follow him around
Just me and the good ole boys telling jokes and wasting away
talking bout there life in the hills and making fun of the rat race

My uncle handed me a coke and said I've got a secret for you
he reached down deep in his pocket, said it's a little worn out but it ought to do
Your grand dad gave it to me in the summer I turned nine.
But with this pocket knife son comes the secret to life.

You never Back Down from a fight, and try to use your words
no the difference between wrong and right and never swing first
walk around real proud with your lady on your arm.
keep your eyes to the sky and your roots were they were grown.

Now I'm a little older now around the corner of my life
I've been places and I’ve seen faces go by
I've split in the clouds and I've walked through a ditch
and I've been to heaven once and i remember where hell is.

each time the opportunity arrives, I just reach on back to that old pocket knife
and I try


Herbert passed away in the spring of 02
He passed this on to me, and now I'm passing it on to you
Now this old pocket knife has more then steel in the blade
reminds me of a front porch, a few cokes, and what I learned that Day.


Down The Road

Written By: Danny McIntosh

This life’s a road you pave as you go. A hot black top or a old dirt road
Depends on who you know.
And these names and faces you leave on the side will tilt there hat when you pass bye.
It's hard not to cry.
To chase these dreams you gotta break a few hearts,
If you can sleep at night, well that’s a pretty good start.

I'll say my prayers and pay my debts, and I'll pave this road with my regrets
I'm moving on, moving on
and I'll save my soul for the one for me, not the broken hearts still yet to be
I'm moving on, moving on, down the road.

A small framed house with a front porch swing, in my home town they still know my name.
It still feels the same.
My friends get together just like before, I don't get the chance much any more. Reminds me
Who I'm singing for.
This road I'm on don't bring me home to much
But, a few phone calls just might be enough.


I'll say my prayers up on this stage tonight,
Lord give me the strength to see past these lights.
I've come a long on this road I've walked down.
But it still leads back to that dusty little town.