Danny M Stewart
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Danny M Stewart

Tokyo, Tōkyō, Japan

Tokyo, Tōkyō, Japan
Band EDM Alternative


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Music For DVD. WOW!"

WOW! To say that "freedomfaction" (Danny M Stewart-Smith's production company) exceeded expectations, adopted a very professional and helpful approach, produced a polished product and were diligent in time & budget merely...reflects the limitations of the English language. During the bidding stage of this engagement, freedomfaction immediately distinguished themselves from all other bidder?s by sending a sample of what they thought I might be looking for and asking insightful questions. (This was in contrast to: four vendors lecturing me that my fee proposal was too low; several vendors submitting a desultory ?pre-fab? bid; 2-3 other bidders actually asking a question regarding my project; and a few other bids that missed the mark for other reasons.) During the engagement, freedomfaction was communicative and responsive to my suggestions and requests. Candidly, I thought it would be impossible to describe the music score I had in mind via Emails. The fact that freedomfaction interpreted my comments and produced a score that manifested my objectives is a tribute to their competency and ability. When next I need a musical score, there?s only one place I expect to go: freedomfaction. - Private Client

"Music Composition. A great guy? Aaaaw thanks!"

What a great guy to work with. Very professional and the quality of product was excellent. Lots of useful advice and guidance also provided which we didn''t expect. Thank you for an excellent relationship. - Private client


You're such a wonderful player! I'm just so excited to get to play with you! :) - Anonymous


I love the diversity of your music. I am glad to meet a unique talent such as you. most of all, I hope to meet you in person sometime soon.
- Anonymous


Gained high profile clients (Warner Bros, Nickelodeon, The British Embassy, BBC & others), mainly in the entertainment industry; provided solid leadership, consultancy & complete solutions, while overseeing their projects. Highly commended work has been saluted with exhibits in department stores, trade fairs throughout Japan & the UK, & long running episodes on TV, radio & internet.

Work History

* 2009 Client: Rhyme and Learn: Created and licensed Dirty South Style Hip-Hop track.

* 2009 Client: Private: Reconstructed Indian pop song for instrumental version.

* 2008 Client: Syn Songs Ltd: Hired as upright bassist for high brow performances.
* 2008 Client: SuiteTake.com: Provided sound design for animated logo.
* 2008 Client: Private: Simul International. Reformed and cleaned audio for language learning CD's.
* 2008 Client: Private: Created original EDM for European client.
* 2008 Client: Private: Produced original Techno and Trance tracks for exercise.
* 2008 Client: Seventhday Media: Created original Music and sound design for animation shorts.

* 2008 Client: Private: Provided relaxation and meditation music complete with a surround sound Zen Garden environment.

* 2008 Client: Private: Provided original theme music and effects for video game
* 2007 Client: Jet O Rooter: Provided fun tongue in cheek Jingle for drain cleaning service.
* 2007 Client: Private: Provided original theme music for aviation DVD.
* 2007 Client: Private: Provided Jazz arrangements of popular tunes.
* 2007 Client: Premium Beats: Provided package of original sound effects and novelty music.
* 2007 - present: Client: Language Pod 101: Creator of original music and sound for cutting edge online language materials, Japan Pod 101.
* 2007 Client: Motive International: Created original music and sound Effects for podcasts
* 2006 Client: Synovate: produced original music for on hold messaging.
* 2006 Client: Cellswapper: Created sound design snd original soundtrack for short promotional animation
* 2006 Client: Thinking Fish: Created sound design snd original soundtrack for short promotional animation
* 2006 Client: New Age Designs. Provided creative sound design and music for animated logo.
* 2006 Client: Digimax UK. Provided creative sound design and music for animated logo.
* 2005-2007: Content provider for online telephony provider Skype.
Produce ringtones & music for enduser download.
* 2005-present: Music production for ISP company "Thinking Fish".
* 2001-present: Founder & director of The Freedom Faction: Having gathered so many contacts in the music & multi-media industry, set up own company "The Freedom Faction", with partners in London.
* Oversaw projects for clients including: Nickelodeon, BBC1, CH4, Sci- Fi TV, British Telecom, and T&T soft drinks, among others. Managed human resources & collaborated with other production companies to complete these projects.
* 2005-present: Client: English Rescue: (Using experience gained through teaching English language), recruited for & coordinated production of interactive English Language Learning CD Rom & web resources for the Japanese market.
* 2005 Client: Yellowstone agency. Coordinated & produced modern arrangements of Mozart's music for Child development CD Rom.
* 2004- Client: The British Embassy: Oversaw & managed human resources for the production of an interactive CD Rom to promote trade with Japan & other Asian countries.
* Collaborated with & coordinated companies in the UK, Japan & Spain.
* Lead meetings with the consulate & the Tokyo based team.
* 2004 Client: Cybird: Provided consultation, copywriting, proof reading & editing of business proposals & presentations for this leading mobile phone software company.
* Helped build long-term business connections overseas, & develop cross media marketing strategies for the client.
* Provided sounds & music for new mobile phone software.
* 2004-present: Client: Edogawa FM: Oversaw production of, and masterminded Educational radio show for parents & children with emphasis on learning English.
* Coordinated marketing campaign implementing design, copywriting & printing & increased audience by 10%.
* 2002-present: Client: DD-Wave: Was approached through connections in the multi media world by this Tokyo based publisher, to manage interviews, editing, copywriting & translation for their bi-lingual cultural magazines.
* 2001-2002 Japanese Embassy: Oversaw & managed human resources to coordinate monthly multi cultural events in London.



My story so far.....Dabbled with piano as a kid, with guitar as a teenager and then I fell in love with bass after hearing the likes of Jaco, Chris Squire, Patittucci, at the age of 19. I became a professional bassist at the age of 21 playing regular gigs around the Midlands in the UK.
Moved to London at 24 to pursue more musical options and attend university. I was lucky enough to play African Pop, Indian Music, Reggae, Funk, DnB, Jazz, Blues, RnB, Hip-Hop and even Japanese music with various artists in that cosmopolitan cultural diversity AKA London. Every one I worked with influenced me in some way. I learned a lot through the process and now it manifests in my composition and production work.
What sets me apart from anyone else is hard to say because I am me, but I do have a unique background, I am diverse, imaginative and infinitely creative and able to bring my ideas across autonomously. I aim to, and hope I will be performing live music more, but I know I will be writing and publishing music till the day I die!
I can also play solo bass and sing at the same time...I don't know how unique that is, I'll leave that to the audience to decide.