Danny Noronha

Danny Noronha


a solo singer/ songwriter who writes relevant songs from the heart, can provide rhythm on the acoustic guitar like somany are afraid to for fear they might break a string. A knack for "catchy,hair on your arms standing" hooks,and a world of dynamics. Most likley the saviour of acoustic guitar.


Born and raised in Toronto Canada, Danny Noronha was a quiet, but special child as the quiet ones usually are. His knack for having paranormal memory for lyrics and every single note of the songs that he liked as child were that of no normal child. Growing up in a family where the sound of the Beatles lingered almost constantly through the halls of his middleclass Toronto home, at 5 yrs old Danny could humm note for note his favourite Beatles classics like..."And I love Her, and "If I Fell" After a long teenage love affair with crime and punishment. Danny finally picked up a guitar and began to teach himself at mach 10 pace. He had written so many songs that he kept in his head for so many years, he found the guitar to be the long awaited method of release. With the 1st, 2 chords he learned, he began putting the music that seemed like endless overflow of melodies and lyrics in the pit of his subconscious on to tape writing and recording his 1st song "Standing Small" which was an immediate favorite with a small circulation of people as much as it was a surprise. "Standing Small" started to fall into the hands of people Danny did not even know, each person recording it and giving it back to the person they borrowed it from. Soon the debut song turned into quite a little hit among a small but anxious circle of people, anxious to hear whatelese the wonder kid had in his arsenal, or was he just lucky with head scratching lines like "I am just an actor who forgot his lines?" 3 months later, he he answered their question with "Just The Way You Thought," "Open," "Overcoat," Same Old, Same Old," I don't mind," and many more. Heeding the advice of nearly anyone who heard his music, he decided to play Live doing gigs for Sutton Place Hotel, and the hottest local pubs in Toronto. He then recorded what many are calling his best ballad yet, "Broken Mirror" with "Canadian Idol" musical producer and Open Mike with Mike Bullard bandleader Orinn Isaacs who says that "Danny is just short bus ride away from being a lyrical, and songwriting genius." "Broken Mirror" is lovely ballad reminding us that we should not get so high up on ourselves because sometimes we all like to see ourselves as something we are not.


Broken Mirror

Written By: Daniel Noronha

Broken Mirror

Written by: Danny Noronha

Broken Mirror
Originally Composed by Daniel Noronha
Lyrics written by Daniel Noronha
Guitar: Daniel Noronha
Copyright 2004

Who's gonna wash your dirty name
right before you drag it through the mud.
Who's gonna bottle up the shame,
all the thoughts that you've been thinkin of.
It's gettin harder everyday
just to open up my bloodshot eyes.

They lead you out
They pull you in
I know they're heartless and cruel
But don't they remind me of you.


This broken mirror makes me
Look like I"m feelin fine
Clock on my wall is saying
that I got enough time
and I wish that I could
sing this heart out of mine
This little heart of mine
This little heart of mine.

I been walkin up and down
This room pretty much all day and night
As soon as I throw up I know now
Everything else will go down just fine
Traded tomorrow for yesterday
and now I got no place that I can hide
Cause it's gettin harder everyday
just open up my bloodshot eyes.

They lead you out
And pull you in
I know they're heartless and cruel
But don't they remind me of you

(Repeat Chorus)

Give me the feelin
And I will show it
She's an angel
But she doesn't know it
Give the feelin
And I will show it
she's an angel
But she doesn't know it.

This little heart of mine
This little heart of mine.

Set List

"Standing Small" "Same Old, Same Old" "Overcoat" "Your Day" and You've Got the Heart of A star"-Oasis Cover