Danny O'Donnell

Danny O'Donnell


Good Groovin and Guitar driven sounds with various string intruments added. Danny and the band have performed as a Solo, duo, trio and more members depending on the gig. Guitar styles from fingerpicking to full tilt blues/rock


Early music influences from motown soul, classic rock, reggae, R&B, country, acoustic folk, acoustic or electric guitar instrumentalists and modern street, jazz and pop


Johnnie MIA

Written By: JEL/Dod

Johnnie grew up, in the house he was born
His Dad planted beans and a little sweet corn.
His Mom waited tables at the local café
Johnnie grew up right, the old fashioned way.

He could rope in the saddle, with his left or his right.
His neck was beet red, but his heart was pure white
A man of few words, when there was nothing to say
-Now he’s missing in action, and I hope he’s OK- (2x)

He’d tease the children, returning from school
At night have a cold drink, sometimes he’d shoot pool.
If you needed assistance, Johnnied’ be there
He’s been missing a year now, and all of us care.


There’s no resolution, no end, no release.
Is Johnnie alive, or is Johnnie at peace?
A phone call or letter, would help ease the strain
And I pray he comes back to the great western plain



Danny has served as performer or writer on several recordings since 1987 with bands and solo.
Past bands include, Postage Due, Mitch Licherman and Don't Ask...

His full length CD, Hard Love has received critical acclaim and serves as a document to his versatility. Listen to these on several music sites from CDbaby to iTunes. Link to CD

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Set List

Sets change to fit venue or event. Sets average 45 minutes of original material along with classic rock, jazz or country covers.
The band can also support other singers and songwriters of similar styles on the spot.