Music from life.


Worshipped heroes include Jimi Hendrix, Jimi Page, Tom Kenyon, Jeff Buckley, Ani di Franco, Gil Evans, Davey Graham, Nick Drake, Ali Farka Toure.

Danny has referenced a few environments with his guitar in 23 years, from teaching Guns 'n' Roses ballads in haunted, abandoned hospitals in Dili, East Timor, to toning with Buddhist nuns in Dieu Giac Pagoda, Vietnam, and jamming with the kids they care for.

Learning classical guitar as a young boy off an enchanted old mage in his hometown Kangaroo Valley, having his whole family graciously hold his musical life.

Performance and Recording as an expression of these and other things.


My Friend

Written By: Danny Ross

you're my friend, and you're movin north, i dont know when i'll see you again. you're my friend, and you're big and strong, i dont know when i'll see you again. and its hard along the way, but i'll think of you everyday. man im sorry that i broke your tent, it wasn't the outcome that i meant. next time i see ya, i'll do things the right way, when it comes to laughing matters i will repay. and man you its always happens like this. it always happens like this, im sorry i dont get to see you enough, i hope that you are getting some love. and if you see a girl up therer with red curly hair and a bright green elemental stare, just let her know! that i said hello down here!

Spider vs Wasp

Written By: Danny Ross

im tired of writing all my own advice
im tired of making all the same mistakes twice
can you help me with this trouble within
if you want me now, babeh think twice
light thats all around us don't seem so bright.
still i let it lead me through even the darkest night
can you help me with this trouble within,
if you want me now, babeh wont you think twice.
whenever i seem to go and meet up with all my worries, you always seem to know, so thankyou, what they're sayin is true
saw a spider vs a wasp last night
spider wrapped that waspy up so tight
8 legs 8 arms 2 fangs one sided fight,
if you want me know, cause babeh i want you now
i gotta know what you want from me
how often does a journeyman get to stop and rest upon his angels shoulders?


Written By: Danny Ross

I think it's true- that
We ate too much fruit.
Somewhere along the line,
we lost paradise.
People trying to make it
People trying to take it
The stoners know how to bake it but guess what babeh, I cant fake it for you- not even of you want me to, not even if I tried too.
I think it's true- I really miss you

But it's warm with you,
And I smell Like you.
Too good to be true.
Stay if you want me to I know you do.

Frightened from the fall to this place that holds us all
In its gravity, paradise to me.

If I said hey you, if
I made joy and grace for you, would you take it.
Guess what babeh guess what my lady- I cant fake it for you- not even if you want me to, not even if I tried to.
I think its true- I really miss you.


Danny Ross e.p is finished soon with the help of new Sydney Label F.F.O. Records

Set List

spider vs wasp 4:00
paradise 4:45
my friend 2:58
an oceans in the way 3:45
no crime 2:08
earthquake 3:35
whisper the end 3:43
what we fear 3:46
over the moon 4:00

river man (nick drake) 4:50
grace (jeff buckley) 4:37