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I have released a couple of recordings over the last few years, but my first great professional album has just come out. Its called Standing There and I am very proud of it. It was produced by a friend of mine, Peter Newman. He did a wonderful job on it. Not just producing but some music as well and to much other stuff to mention. This is going to be getting some airplay in the next couple weeks.



I am a solo act right now and that is ok. It gives me freedom to change sets or songs in the middle of a gig if I want. I usually do a piano set and then a guitar set and back tp piano again. This gives a variety to the gigs I play. I have been playing and singing since I was 5 years old. I was singing sunday school songs when I was 2 and my mother still has the tape. My first experience in public was when I was 5 at church. I have been singing every since. I started playing guitar when I was 10 and just feel in love with it and wanted to learn how to play more. When I was 16 my parents put my sister in piano lessons and bought her a piano, she did not like it. I just started toying around with it and found I could figure out how to put some stuff together. I did 2 months of lessons but found that I was better when I just listened to something and then figured it out for myself. That ened my lessons but it was just the start of my learning. I was in my first band at age 16 and it felt great to be part of that. I just fell in love with music and have never been able to get enough of it. It comes from a place within and it sooths me. I feel at home when I am at a piano or have a guitar in my hand. I love to sing and help people enjoy themselves. If I can make someone happy with my music than it has been a good day. I also have a wonderful lady in my life who has become my muse and inspires me to write. I have been influenced by many artist, one of the most important to me has been Bob Dylan. He has such a way of saying things, its amazing. I also have been really into Five for Fighting as of late. Billy Joel and Elton John have been great piano influences. I also have great respect for Kris Kristopherson and some of the old country dudes. Toby Keith is also a favourite of mine. There is also a guy named Larry Norman that was considered the grand daddy of Christian rock that has been a great influence of mine for a long time. He died awhile ago and that was sad. He had some great songs.
I think one thing that sets me apart is that I can do a new rock song and then go to an old country song in the same set and have people enjoy both. I also do not easily forget lyrics. I can still sing the very first song I ever learned. I think my absolute love for music comes through whenever I play and that sets me apart to some extent. It doesnt matter if there are two people there or two thousand, I will always put my best into it. Music is the heart and soul of the world.