Danny Rubin

Danny Rubin

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Strong melodic pop/rock/adult-alt music with vibrant arrangements telling universal stories of love won and lost.


BMI artist Danny Rubin is a child of the big city, born and raised in New York, but his songs transcend geography and touch universal issues of love won and lost, and the trials and triumphs of relationships.

His roots go back to the New Wave scene in New York and early on the critics took notice.

“…they have a lead guitarist called Danny Rubin who passes all the guitar hero tests, namely the one that has you wishing you were him.” -- Max Bell, NEW MUSICAL EXPRESS

“Danny Rubin’s solos are fast, spellbinding adventures into the realms of rock n’ roll. The instrumental breaks are interesting, holding the audience’s attention for the tight vocal harmonies.” -- John Rockwell, THE NEW YORK TIMES

“Quartet boasts a fine lead guitarist in Danny Rubin, who excels both clean and fuzzy.” -- VARIETY

“..all show promise in their singing, playing and songwriting. There is some very authoritative guitar playing here as well.” --BILLBOARD

“…the first thing I heard was a guitar solo. It was quite meaty, and much more functional than punktional.” -- Debbie Taylor, THE GOOD TIMES

That’s Danny on vocals and lead guitar on the Stiff Records release of Just Water’s version of Singin’ In The Rain.

Danny has continued to hone his skills through studio work and stage appearances. His writing style melds the energy of his New Wave roots and British Invasion influences with American Classics and a maturity that says ‘I’ve been there and back.’ He moves comfortably across styles blending rock, pop, jazz, and funk and across formats from the classic pop song to film soundtracks. He is currently writing and recording material for a new album.


Ready And Waiting

Written By: Danny Rubin

I’d be waiting on your street
On the chance that we would meet
I was ready and waiting for you

Nervously I took the lead
Hoping you’d approve of me
I was ready and waiting for you

Ready and waiting
When I came to say I love you
You were ready and waiting

Maybe I was falling in love
Why did I just want to deny
I was ready and waiting to lie

If I knew what’s good for me
I’d have prayed you’d forgiven me
I was ready and waiting to try

Maybe you’ve got every right
To close the door and say goodnight
I was ready and waiting in spite

But you knew it all along
I’d admit that I was wrong
You were ready and waiting tonight

Ready and waiting
When I came to say I love you
You were ready and waiting

Rock And A Hard Place

Written By: Danny Rubin

Between a rock and a hard place
I didn’t have much chance
I had no shot to have it my way
In this shotgun romance

You’d have me locked up with the lawyers
I’d spend a lifetime in court
I lost a lot, lost my money, now -
I can’t afford the divorce

Why, why, why, was it worth so little to you?
Why, why, why. With a gun to my head I just can’t refuse

Between a rock, and a hard place
Where friends you have in reserve
Think they decide if I need you
Baby, they had their nerve

Lie, lie, lie. Say it long enough and it’s true
Lie, lie, lie. I don’t need to be saved but it sounds so good in the news

Bye Bye Bye. Give me credit where credit’s due
Bye Bye Bye. Gonna sell everything that reminds me of you

Between a rock and a hard place
I don’t need someone to blame
You need a lot to be happy
I’ll just get out of your way

Think it’s time for separation
So much for tying the knot
You can keep the house and mortgage
You know I don’t need a lot

All that I need….
I need to rock