Danny Saul

Danny Saul


From Manchester, UK, Danny Saul writes and performs the bleakest of songs. English folk guitar dominates the music; think Richard Thompson reinterpreting Blonde Redhead, or Martin Carthy playing Fennesz. Danny has just returned from performing at SXSW 2007. "Stunning." 9/10, Foxy Digitalis Online.


Danny Saul – Biography

Known originally for his incendiary guitar work for Manchester band Tsuji Giri, Danny Saul is now forging a reputation as a brilliant solo performer and recording artist in his own right. After Tsuji Giri released their debut album in 2004 (recorded in Chicago by Steve Albini), Danny took it upon himself to learn the guitar-picking styles associated with the English folk tradition; this was a huge departure from his musical role in Tsuji Giri. Over a short period of time Danny has harnessed these skills to create a sound that is both contemporary and unique.

Since his live solo debut in February 2005 he has left an indelible impression on his audiences, with an audacious talent for intricate and beautiful guitar playing, and songs that are as dark and penetrating lyrically as they are haunting and melodically memorable.

Sharing billing with acts as diverse as Nina Nastasia & Jim White, José Gonzalez, Laura Veirs, Marissa Nadler, Ed Harcourt, Steffen Basho-Junghans, Six Organs Of Admittance, Oceansize, Shawn David McMillan, T-Model Ford and Kevin Tihista (to name a few) Danny, as a dedicated workaholic, has maintained an enviable output that ensures that anyone who sees his shows will rarely miss out on hearing the debut of another new (and inevitably excellent) song.

His debut release "Balance EP" (December 2005) was a richly crafted collection of home recordings that fulfilled its soaring ambitions with layered vocal harmonies, piano, harmonium and dark squalls of cranked tremolo guitar all beautifully applied to the songs. The EP won Filthy Home Recordings its third 'Single of the Week' in Manchester's City Life Magazine, was record of the week on manchestermusic.co.uk and led the Manchester Evening News to proclaim the arrival of a new ‘alternative' alternative brewing in the city.

Danny Saul's second release on Filthy Home sees him developing the skills employed so effectively on the 'Balance' EP. 'History+3' is another epic showcase of Danny's increasingly compelling talents and techniques. Tracks are once again bracketed by passages of ambient unease, highlighting Danny's interest in experimental noise, but this time they escape into the songs to exhilarating textural effect - like the ending of 'Cuts' dissolving into a chaos of snare and cymbals, or the expansive intensity of 'History's' middle passages. The songs remain, in Danny's own words "pretty bleak", but there's a kind of tainted warmth bleeding through in the beautiful guitar lines and in the increasingly expressive vocals. As well as three original songs, Saul has included his cover of Jandek's 'I'm Ready' - originally recorded for broadcast on Pittsburgh’s WRCT radio station hosting a tribute to the reclusive Houston-based musician. Following this, Corwood Industries (the label responsible for releasing Jandek's back catalogue) approved Danny's version for release. In its place as the closing track of the EP it provides a fittingly tender coda to another darkly engaging, sonically and lyrically captivating piece of work.

Having just returned from performing at the South By South West festival in Austin, and always with an eye on the next project, Danny has continued recording both at home and in the studio, diligently assembling the material for a debut album.

Several of his recent live performances have surprised and further raised the expectations of Danny's growing audience, sometimes expanding into a rock three-piece, and on other occasions into an acoustic trio using piano, double bass and brush kit. He also continues to work as a solo performer, maintaining an enviable versatility, and demonstrating the ability to make each Danny Saul performance a unique event.

Update May 2007:
Recently, Saul has been pushing his live set further into experimental territory, creating heavily processed sounds by incorporating a laptop into his live setup.
His recent shows have been improvised works and collaborations with the likes of respected experimental acts such as cellist and Miasmah label recording artist Greg Haines, and Type Records/ Rite Records artist Xela. Rite are also due to release a limited one sided 12" of one recent collaborative set which comprised of Danny Saul, Greg Haines and Xela, performing to a sold out crowd at Manchester's recent Futuresonic Festival. The trio have been invited to play at the Feeerieen festival in Brussels in late August, and are also planning a second vinyl release - a reinterpretation of the main theme from Popol Vuh's "Nosferatu" soundtrack.

Contact: contact@dannysaul.com



Written By: Danny Saul

These binds, to some degree,
Will help protect me, from myself.
Accept, I am not free,
Or so I’m told when,
They tuck me in.

Old friends, long since gone,
Bad blood ignored,
History will not forgive me.

This room, to some degree,
Provides a haven, from meddling hands,
Held in, unbreakable chains,
I am all fits and rubbing restraints.

Spoiled relations done,
And dusted,
History will not forgive me.

And you, to some degree,
Could numb my pain and, aid my case,
But no, you’d rather see,
Me medicated, behind glass.

Bought and sold are all,
Your principles,
History will not forgive you.

My Escape

Written By: Danny Saul

I could call it what it is,
I could call you out.
Well let’s call it what it is.
Wall of doubt…
In front of me.
A wall of doubt right in front of me.

Your tongue…
Your secret place.
Your bleeding eyes.
My escape…

Words from abyss.
End of all.
Could I change?
Could you change?
The right path?
The right path.
Your tongue…
Some reality...
Forced upon me.
No direct…
Some supposed truth inside..
I might make it mine.

Your tongue…
Your secret place.
Your bleeding eyes.
My escape…

I could call it what it is.
Well let’s call it what it is.


Written By: Danny Saul

The locked door, the cubicle,
It’s not obscene.
An old path, a moment past,
The sly release…
Won’t last, it feels like,
To disappoint, to expose,
To self-deceive…

If nothing lasts, then why regret a single thing?
If in control, then why not take everything?

Cannonball, cannonball, to you from me.

A second chance, a lost cause,
I cannot breathe.
An overhaul, the cradle call,
It’s scaring me.
A turn of phrase, a real lie,
We may believe.
Days pass, the outcome,
We wait to see…

If what was said, was only, a figure of speech,
Then how am I to understand, exactly what you mean?

Cannonball, cannonball, to you from me.
Cannonball, you only, amuse me.


Xela, Greg Haines & Danny Saul - "The 12th Chapel": One sided 12" album, July 2007, Rite Records. (Rite001)

Danny Saul - "History+3": CD EP 2006 Filthy Home Recordings.

Danny Saul - "Balance EP": CD 2005 Filthy Home Recordings.

Tsuji Giri - (self titled debut album): CD 2005 Munkfaust Records. (recorded by Steve Albini)

Forthcoming Releases:

Xela, Greg Haines & Danny Saul - "Nosferatu" 12" due December, Rite Records 2007.

Danny Saul - (debut album, title TBC) - due 2008.

Danny Saul & Greg Haines - ("Liondialer" debut album, title TBC) - due early 2008.

Set List

On average Danny's set is 40 minutes in length. Most of his sets tend to include some form of new and previously unperformed material. Danny has over 30 original songs to choose from, and is continually writing new material. Song lengths range between 4 minutes and 15 minutes! Danny also performs a unique interpretation of the Jandek song "I'm Ready", a version of which he included on his EP History+3. (It's also worth noting that Corwood Industries, the label responsible for releasing Jandek album, has approved Danny's version for release.)
All other work performed is his own. Here is a typical set with approximate song running times after each track:
We Begin - 3min30sec
Cuts - 6min
The Sickness - 4min30sec
Bad Taste - 13min30sec
History - 6min30sec
I'm Ready (Jandek cover) - 4min
Total running time - 38 mins

Recently, Saul has been pushing his live set further into experimental territory, creating heavily processed sounds by incorporating a laptop into his live setup.