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I'll Walk ON Streets of Gold

Written By: Danny Rushing

I'll Walk On Streets of Gold
1st Verse
From the world's point of view, things don't look so good
Cause they don't have, the Lord to see them through
Troubles and trials they're all apart of life
But its not so bad, when you've seen the light
2nd Verse
Just take a look around, the signs are everywhere
For Jesus to return, its getting oh so near
Wars and rumors of war,and the great falling away
Give your heart to Jesus, then you too can say
I'm not just hoping, that I'll see Heaven someday
I'm not just talking, I've got my reservations made
And I'm not just walking, but I'm on this Glory road
When I reach the end I'll be on streets of gold
Yes when I reach my journey's end I'll walk on streets of gold
Copyright2010 Danny Rushing PO Box 8 Lexington,Tennessee 38351 (731-614-8828)