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danny vowles


The bastard children of vinnie paul and joe satriani, Danny Vowles (singer songwriter guitar player) & Matt Vowles (Percussion Dbl Kick and Bourbon) compose dark twisted instrumental &/or lyrical tales of love and pain in a haunting but poppy sludge of joy and anguish!....x


Most aspiring rockers get into the business early and the successful ones retire before it kills them..noone told Danny! At 40, he reckons it's taken this long to learn his life lessons and sing/play them from his heart & soul

Hooked on guitar since age 10, when his father brought Purple's Machine Head home and the youngster was drawn to Blackmore's strat in "Lazy", Danny has spent the last 30 years developing the perfect guitar tone...in his twisted mind anyway!

His dream and driving ambition is to release his own creations and achieve a level of success to stay living it (ie just above the poverty line!)

He left a 17yr career in computing in 2000 to build his project studio and write/record full time
He will be supported in future releases by his slam-hitting double kick animal of a brother Matt, the youngest, with the occasional guest appearance on Blues Harp by their father and mentor Danny Snr...feel free to drop in and hear how we eventually put it all together...


Looking at You

Written By: Danny Vowles

I've been looking at you
and you...I had a feeling that you wanted me to

I guess the Gods must have their reasons
For making us meet that fateful day
You were lookng for someone to believe in
Just to be believed that was all I craved

And I've been looking at you
And You- I got the feeling that you wanted me to


I showed you things you could only inagine
Jumping into fires just for the dare
You gave me healing for my sorrow
But baby I warned you just beware don't care (cos I'm broken)

And I've been looking at you


And I'm glad that I showed you
That you're beautiful tooi
And for all that I've taken
I trust I've shown you YOU
And for those that still use you girl
You're strong enough now
You know what to do

And I've been looking at you



Now does fate see a happy ending
Cos between us there's a great divide
A common dream that cant be forsaken
All that I can do is fight or die (tryin' and)


I've been Looking at you
It's been a while but now I'm missing you too
I've been looking at you
REPEAT to fade///....


Looking at You...Dark little Love pop song
LUTTEOT - Song for Clare...Instrumental rock

both tracks released in 2004 on songramp.com

Set List

No fixed set list - Danny Vowles is busy recording his first compiled CD of works and will be marketable Q3 2005