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Danny Whitehead

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My songs are about the life of the working Family man. When you hear them you can say."I can relate to that!


I grew up listening to all kinds of music. Mom didnt watch tv all that much and cable was something new. Everything from Ronnie Dove and Charlie Rich, to Tony joe White and Jr Walker, to Grand Funk Railroad to and the doors, toThe Ohio Players and Parliment. My father was a factory worker.
I grew up in the City but Love Country music.
I have played in Country Dance clubs on and off all of my music carreer.
Both growing up and in marraige I have had Big families. My songs are both influenced by my experience as a Son, Dad, Brother, Uncle, Nephew,Brother in Law, Cousin, and Grandfather.
As well as my experience as a listener and performer of different stlyes of music. I am just scratching the surface of what I could write about so keep your ear to the ground.


Dancing in the Livingroom

Written By: Daniel Whitehead

Dancin in the living room

Ive been thinking bout you all day long, couldnt wait to get home to you
I hit the highway flying with the radio on. I know just what Im gonna do
and the I put my check in the ATM, it said I aint got no money to spend
cuz your check account is overdrawn. What am I gonna do I only wanna
be with you. I guess tonight we just have to stay home.

We go Danicn in the living room noone but me and you. Dancin away
our cares with the kids peaking down the stairs. She said I know
that the moneys tight.And we wont be goin out tonight. Yeah tonight
its just me and you. Dancin in the living room.

A couple of candles burning to light your eyes A glass of wine and
the stereoTeddy bear pajamas everything is right I dont need a place to go.
When you got a good woman and a lovin home I know we aint never
gonna be alone and that's the kind of thing you just can't buy. I dont need
to go anywhere to run my fingers through your hair and whisper
everythings gonna be alright

bridge- Sometimes when life gets crazy and you've had a real bad day
turn on the radio and dance the night away


Currently working on first produced CD.
I have a couple of things on MySpace.com(dannythomaswhitehead). The first is called "Dancing in the Livingroom". The other is about child abuse of Family members. "It is called
I don't care".

Set List

The band I play in stays current in the Country Dance stuff. Phill Vassar, Travis Tritt, Keith Urban, Sugarland, Carrie Underwood ect.