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I am very passionate about the music I make and music in general. I want this to be my career so that everyone can enjoy my heart felt music along with wonderful artist that will bless my music with their voices.


Da "N.O.C."
Music producer Rahim aka Da N.O.C. is one of New York's finest in music production.

Rahim aka Da N.O.C., " the new millennium messiah producer" for New York City. Rahim's style is like no other producer known in the music industry. In Rahims' local area which is uptown Manhattan and the Bronx is well off to take the crown of being one of the top best newly producers that has emerged. This man has tracks that will definitely move you, " when I make a track it comes from the heart and processed deeply so when the public hear my melody they will hear and feel my music" he grins with a shy look. His music is from another planet, because his foundation may be standard but when he begin to lay and incorporate different sounds, his music, it will grab you like a magnet. " My thing is I want to hypnotize people, I want people to make a choice if they had their last dollar they would spend it on my product". He lives for music and he is dying to let the whole world hear it, and the way he's going he will accomplish his endeavor.

A native of uptown Manhattan, New York City, Rahim has a natural affinity for music. He has a top-notch ear for great sounds that he has a passion for, to blend them to make a warm or exciting track. While in the school of hardknocks he is learning every aspect of the business to help himself grow to be successful.

Rahim began rapping in 1984 and decided to become a producer in 1993. Rahim produce warm and exciting tracks. Warm being the R&B and exciting meaning Hip-Hop. There are not many producers who can switch from love making R&B to street mean Hip Hop in a blink of an eye. " I started out making just Hip Hop tracks but I felt empty, I've found R&B which was in me", both of these types of music gives me a balance, R&B being warm and soft, and Hip Hop to be hard and rough, showing both sides of me ". He has recently grabbed hold of Pop music and glided himself right into Gospel music. He has been studying other genre of music from orchestral all the way to Techno.

Rahim is making power moves, I don't think he's playing when he say he wants this with pure passion. " I want to do music until I am old like Quincy Jones". this man has made contact and have notches under his belt. He has produced twenty tracks for Big Fish Audio, he has also worked with John Montgomery as a drum programmer/engineer, who works with Arista and CBS. Working with Junad of "YES ENTERTAINMENT" has produced for Slick Rick and Jimmy Cozier of J-Records who received gold albums for Best Man sound track and Adventures of Slick Rick. Moving to greater heights, he is working closely with Producer Eric "E.I." Isles, with Uplifted Productions, on Gospel Hip Hop and Rythm&Praise music. Now that Rahim has the experience he is heading in the right direction, and will rise to be called one on the hottest producers around. He has also put out his own free license Cd for producers, artist and Dj's that was launched early November of 2003, and he is in the process of producing another CD. Be on the look out for that project. His time is well due for all to hear his music. Now working with other producers that he is affiliated with, he is going to take the masses by storm.

Da "N.O.C."


Make Music, Love Music, Be Music


Having the knowledge to work with Big Fish Audio, I have released my very own free license Audio/Wav CD. "BIG BRUVA HIP HOP & RnB, CONSTRUCTION KIT VOLUME 1 AND KILLA DRUMS SOUND SET VOLUME 1". In November of 2005 I will release another smashing free license CD.

Set List

1.Yamaha O2R version two digital mixer 24 bit/48
2. Akai MPC2000XL (drum machine,sequencer,and sampler, 8 outs, I/O Coaxial)
3. Event 20/20 monitors.
4. Korg Trinity music workstation 61 key keyboard.
5. Korg Triton (Strings SRX CARD) Rack, sound module.
6. M-Audio Keystation Pro 88 midi controller.
7. Roland JV 1080 sound module.
8. Roland JV 3080 sound module.
9. Lineartech turn table.
10.Audio Technica 4050 Condenser Microphone.
11.Tascam CD-RW700 24 bit CD recorder.
12.Tascam 302 Dual tape deck.
13.Protools Le-6.7/002 Rack 24/96/PC&Mac compatible
14.Cubase SX (computer recording software)
15.Ableton Live 3.0
16.Reason 2.5
17.Recycle 2.0
18.Amplitube (Guitar Amp) "software" EFX
19.Waves Power Bundle (True Verb, Stereo 1 Imager, L1 Maximizer, C1 Compressor etc)
20.Waves IR- Lite / Parametric convolution Reverb
21.Waves Renaissance Reverb
22.T-Racks Professional Mastering System
23.Sample Tank2 XL computer Synthesis Mod