Dan Pearce

Dan Pearce


This song was recorded with my own equipment on 15/08/12 and I love the song and I hope I have sang it well.


My name's Dan, I'm a singer/songwriter from North-East Wales, I'm 14 years old and I've been playing Guitar for 3 years.
I own 10 guitars and my top three favourites which I always play are my Gibson Semi-Hollowboard, Gibson Les Paul Junior and Stagg Les Paul Copy.
My friends are everything to me, I care for them so much! Firstly I'll mention Iwan, he is kind, funny and just great to hang out with. He's been my best mate since Nursery and there is nothing in the world that could make me hate him. Then there's Abi, funny, mad, insane but just so fun! Me and her always have a laugh when we go out and she knows everything about me and I know everything about her.
There are more but I've ran out of space to write.
My family have always been supportive towards my music, I thank them for that.
I would also like to thank my Guitar teacher Mike for believing in me.
Basically, music is my life.
Hope you enjoy my music!

Set List

(Depending on the amount of time, 30 mins is usually)

1) The one that got away
2)Summer of ‘69
3) Drive by
4) Part of me
5) What makes you beautiful
6) The man who can’t be moved