Wheeling, West Virginia, USA

One musician who has consumed years of alternative, pop, rock, indie and offered up his own sonic potion, founded on towering melodies. It's hard to find a style this guy can't play, or an instance where he doesn't leave every emotional ounce on the stage.


Pittsburgh native Media Friendly is taking the Indie, Rock world by storm with infectious hooks, and an impassioned, unmistakable voice. At age 23, he has already released his first independent album, being Everything We Have Taken For Granted, which was launched in April 2009. Produced by Plants with Rick Witkowski (of Crack the Sky fame), Everything We Have Taken For Granted is a polished effort displaying Dan's rare maturity as songwriter's and multi- instrumentalist's.


Everything We Have Taken For Granted

Set List

Typical performances run 60, 90 or 120 minutes.
Shorter sets can run 30 to 50 minutes.
Cover songs are not performed.