Dan Ready

Dan Ready

BandEDMHip Hop

A tightrope between rap and electronic music. Sequenced builds with trance like stabs progressing into club essence accompanied by banging low end. Commercial sound with underground appeal. A rounded amount of elements for a sound anyone can enjoy. Original product without limitations or boundaries.


Producer and DJ featuring electronic club music based in a hip-hop nature, Dan Ready is on the path of gaining momentum. Working with several rappers, Dan straddles the fence between a commercial rap and underground electronic music. As EDM progress, the likeness and style of hip hop has become more prevalent; Dan is no exception. Working with regional artist like Big Poppa, Dan has gained attention as becoming versatile as well as unique. Dan is in the process of producing several tracks with Poppa for his upcoming album, but also keeps his feet wet in the club world. Dan Ready is one the few from this area that performs original music as well as original bootlegs and remixes. He performs on Ableton with an APC 40 and a midi fighter. To consider Dan just a DJ is an insult when over 2/3 of his sets are all original music. He has plans on dropping an EP in the soon to be future as well as a mixtape entitled Dirty Pleasures Vol 1. Live performance doesn't stop with djing. Dan also plays guitar and keyboard during special performances. His talents provide for exciting entertainment and a truly unique experience



Shoot for the stars- Tre Houston ft Solo Jones and Malcolm Daniel (Single)
Back with Vengeance- Tre Houston Ft Solo Jones and Casey Baker (unreleased TBA)

Hijack the Radio - Solo Jones (Hijack the Radio EP)
Breaking in - Solo jones (live medley)
Robbery - Solo jones (unreleased TBA)
For you - Solo Jones (unreleased TBA)

Down south- Big poppa (King of the Bottom)
Let it go - Big poppa (King of the Bottom)