Dan Rodriguez

Dan Rodriguez

 Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

"Dan Rodriguez stands out from other singer-songwriters with his unique yet familiar sound...

...[his] sound is a mix of Jason Mraz and John Mayer, with a dash of edginess and a generous helping of passion..."

Kate Sawyer

Co-Host K98.5 Morning Show

Waterloo, IA


Dan Rodriguez, an artist based out of Minneapolis, MN, is creating quite a buzz in the Midwest. The groove-based, bluesy over-toned sound of his music, mixed with his powerful, yet seductive voice creates an atmosphere different from other music. It's refreshing, tantalizing, and just plain good music!

Originally from Detroit, MI, Dan moved to Minneapolis in 2004 to pursue music. He started a band with his brother, Andre Rodriguez, and called it The Auburns. They played locally for a couple years, and grew together as a band, as brothers, and as musicians.

In January, 2008, Dan started a self-titled solo project in the Twin Cities. Promoting his band as a trio, Dan started playing venues in the local music scene. As things began to go well, a greater demand for Dan's music rose high enough to inspire him to record an album. This would be the first album Dan has recorded.

June 13th, 2008, the album Unreal was released in Minneapolis. Dan has since been playing locally and touring throughout the Midwest reaching venues in MN, WI, and MI, including Summerfest '08, '09 and '10 in Milwaukee, WI, and sharing the stage with national acts including Pete Francis (of Dispatch), NeedtoBreathe, Augustana, and most recently, Eric Hutchinson.


Album: Unreal
Number of Tracks: 10

Single: Red Flags