Dan Rub

Dan Rub


I am very straight forward performer and believe that music is my purpose. I am self taught, practice 3 to 5 hours a day, can straight pick as well as utilizing several different finger-picking styles. My music is very listener friendly, and have had a lot of posiitive feedback from my audience.


I have written over 250 songs in a wide variety of styles and consider my music to have heavy british and pop influences. My songs include the themes of love, break-up, spirituality, and modern day issues and are written using my acoustic guitar. I have never co-written and own all the copyrights.


One CD I wrote and produced under my band name, "The Entrained", entitled "It's So Crazy". We are currently working on my 2nd CD, entitled "Hurry Home".

Set List

Full performance of original music or cover tunes depending on the venue.