Dan Rufolo Trio

Dan Rufolo Trio

 Manhattan, New York, USA


The Dan Rufolo Trio is a jazz group hailing from Manhattan, NY. The ensemble is built on the framework of thoughtful interaction, and original concepts, which have helped create their first successful self-produced recording “Novelty” in 2010. Since the group’s inception, the drive to compose and perform music has begun yielding exciting new communication among the three members. The recent addition of tenor sax legend Rich Perry, and respected leader/sideman Nathan Eklund on trumpet, has expanded the powerhouse trio to a quintet with both a sensitive, and aggressive, personality.

The upcoming second album, “Laughter”, is due to be recorded in early September, and features the two horn combination with the existing trio on brand new compositions by pianist Dan Rufolo, and bassist Bill Thoman.


"Novelty" - released November 2010

Set List

We play original compositions, jazz standards, and our own arrangements of pop tunes.

Our album, "Novelty" consists of the following songs:

Hidden Keep
Saying Goodbye or Dovetail
d. ruf.
Big Small Talk: The Revolt
Beginning II
Two Face