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charge of love

Written By: Daniel coey

She stands forever alone by her frame
In the passing of the world that slips through.
All her magic that she does unspill
Upon the lovers that catch her eyes,
For when she finds them we are all surprised.
For no one told us of her crys.
Evenmore the place that her power does lye.
For today there are no road signs
Helping the dreamers find her hands, to grap a hold and lift above all over man.
For she waits for many to pass.
For she never sees any that are worthy of her grasp.
For the world of flesh that passes are all wearing madeup masks.
made of pride and ego so low.
and for this she would never so go
into your world, that would beat her poor. then she would lose her secrect door.
Of the lovers that pass her inner hearts core.Of they went to charge the lovers core. Heaven is the way she knows and to this knowledge few men ever do go.