Dan Scruton

Dan Scruton

 Hamilton, Ontario, CAN

I play an adult contemporary acoustic pop style, easy listening and relaxing. With all my meaningful words and emotions, feeling the experiences as I sing along captivating listeners of all ages. The main drive of my soulful being is that music is my passion, and it shows every time I play.


I have been singing since around the age of 4, and
since I discovered it, I have not looked back. I started
out playing the flute in middle school and very quickly
moving on to saxophone (which both I still play) where
I picked up a great love for the jazzy melodies and
a hunger for more music. At some point during that time,
I discovered that my singing voice wasn't half bad
(although certain others had disagreed with me at that
time) and decided at 16 to take up the guitar as well,
teaching myself how to play. I take influences from just
about any type of music. Anywhere from Pop, Acoustic,
Jazz, R+B, Country, Rap, Classical, Latin; I enjoy
almost any kind of music. Very shortly after learning
how to play the guitar, I also began writing down
the things I was thinking or feeling, and eventually
those thoughts morphed into these songs that I just
had to write out. Many 'Mind Grapes' were peeled
during that time (thank you 30 Rock).

When I play a show, I try to keep the music flowing
and play to the crowd the best I can, playing
different genres and seeing the kind of reaction I

I write a lot of my songs based on personal
experiences, taking complicated emotions and
situations, and creating a melody and musical
backing that suit the mood.

The title of my first EP was originally supposed to be
"Last Case Scenario", as in the best thing you
think out of a situation will also be the last. But
during the production of the packaging, the title
was lost to translation and became "Best Case
Scenario", which I decided to keep. The design and
artwork were so great, and the title fit both the
design and the music, so there was no changing it.
I recorded "Best Case Scenario" at 410 Studios in
Hamilton with producer and performer Carm Milioto,
as well as Lorenzo Castelli. The first time I ever
met Carm, I bled on his guitar. Story for another
time really, though.

The second EP that I am still currently working on
(the production of), "7 Minutes To Midnight", is
full of songs where you can kind of see the personal
progress that I made between the two EP's. I wanted
these songs to have more of an indie feel, or like
you were at a bar or coffee shop listening to me
playing them. One day, (when I can afford it probably)
I'd like to get these songs produced with a full band
in a studio, as well as other songs that I have not
released in any way shape or form.


How Could We

Written By: Dan Scruton

What happened then
what happens now
is no longer up to me
it's all you somehow
even though I tried
to work things out
I used to be me
what's left now is doubt

but I can't deny
I felt things change
I lied to myself
everything became rearranged
now nothings the way
that it should be
someway, somehow
I'll get back to being me

because I lost my alibis
for what could be
how could we not
take things at face value
and although the world
seemed to unfurl
in front of me
how could you
how could we

to let go of all the pain
I lied to myself again
that somehow things
could remain the same
yet I'm so sick
of feelin down
it's etched upon my face
and all around me

one day you
will all see
I'm on this Silent hill
of memory
and I won't come down
things'll never be the same
why is sanity so
hard to maintain

The Ocean

Written By: Dan Scruton

I look out into the ocean
And I, I can see your face
And I know one day

You will come to me
My Ocean Breeze and
Together we’ll travel the seas
Of my dreams…

I lost you once, I lost you once
And when I find you
I won’t lose you again
Would you please
Answer me

Will you come to me
My Ocean Breeze and
Together we’ll travel the seas
Of my dreams…

One time we ran just like the wind
And we lied down in the sand
And you looked down at me

And you promised me
You’d come to me
If I ever lost you at sea
Or in my dreams…

I just want to be
With you, you see
So would you please
Oh please come to me
Even in my dreams

Life 'n Stuff

Written By: Dan Scruton

Another casualty
Another Lesson learned
Gotta watch your back
Because the fire, it burns
Inside of us
Yes we're all the same
Do the "same ol' same ol'"
Still glad you came
Out of your shell
Whatcha gonna do now?
With the rest of your life, and
Will you show me how?

To live
With all that was done
To do
All the things that you couldn't before
To see
All the Stuff in the world
Now I'm ready, ready, ready

Another day gone by
'Nother coffee under moonlight
Just thinkin' about all the
Stress in your life
You light a-nother cigarette
While the moon is still high
Still thinkin' about all the
Reasons why

A mockery, the shock of life
Adding to your woundless stryfe
A sip of tea; the rest of me
Now I'm ready, ready, ready

Another casualty
Another day gone by
Watch your back
But you still can fly
Away from here
You got the wheel
Sift through
All this stuff
And live

Unspoken Truth (Forever)

Written By: Dan Scruton

Out on the street corner
By a well-known bar
She parades herself
She sells her soul
And she's an inch
From being gone
It's not been so long now
That she'll have been on her own
Back at the bar
With a so-co in his hand
The words had passed
Between them
But do they really understand
Some pills are scattered 'round
On the counter where he sits
He's gotta find some better way
To deal with all this shit

With all the things that were left behind
The unspoken truth in the back of thier minds
It seems that they are more alike
Than they ever thought they could be
Someone needs to break these chains
The differences are all the same
But could they ever really agree?

Forever and a day
This things were meant to last
What is he supposed to do
He tips up his glass
The room spins all around
Sometime he hits the ground
In the recess of his mind
Somewhere he sees a light
There's money in her hand
She's lost on where to go
She waves goodbye to some man
But cannot find her home
She's lost in all the dark
The city lights are dim
Her stomach it cries out
But no one hears but him

No one told them that
Life would be hard
And she's got all the scars
To prove that karma
Has a way of comin back
And while he lives on in her mind
She cares for the thing he left behind
And one day she'll get her life
Back on track

Chorus 2:
with all the things that were left behind
The unspoken truth in the back of thier minds
It seems that they were more alike
Then they ever could have been
And while she wants him back again
Her thoughts move towards the little man
Who, everyday, looks more and more like him


Best Case Scenario (EP) (2006)

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Set List

Original songs include:
How Could We
Unspoken Truth (Forever)
Beside Me
The Ocean
Broken Girl
No Words
(Tonight) You're the Stars
Life 'n Stuff
Just Leave
One Way
You Want Me
Things We've Missed
The Crow Flies
The Last Time
Bring You Down
No Turning Back

Covers Include songs by:
Matchbox Twenty
Jason Mraz
Counting Crows
Third Eye Blind
Tragically Hip
Barenaked Ladies
Goo Goo Dolls
Gavin Degraw

Sets range from 30-50 minutes, depending on the
Venue and Gig length as a whole.