Dan Scruton
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Dan Scruton

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Band Pop Singer/Songwriter


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Unspoken Truth (Forever) - Song Review"

Hamilton based singer/songwriter Dan
Scruton has written and performs an
amazing song titled "Unspoken Truth
(Forever)". Dan takes you on a
haunting journey to a shady side of
reality. Through his eyes, words, and
music, you will experience moments
that could easily turn sour, becoming
a tragic news headline. Dan doesn't
pussyfoot around the subject matter.
With a resonating voice, reminding me
of legendary Chris DeBurgh, Dan
Scruton delivers one of the most
captivating song I've heard in years.

Chris White, Publisher
PartyInKingston.com - Chris White, PartyInKingston.com


Best Case Scenario (EP) (2006)

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I have been singing since around the age of 4, and
since I discovered it, I have not looked back. I started
out playing the flute in middle school and very quickly
moving on to saxophone (which both I still play) where
I picked up a great love for the jazzy melodies and
a hunger for more music. At some point during that time,
I discovered that my singing voice wasn't half bad
(although certain others had disagreed with me at that
time) and decided at 16 to take up the guitar as well,
teaching myself how to play. I take influences from just
about any type of music. Anywhere from Pop, Acoustic,
Jazz, R+B, Country, Rap, Classical, Latin; I enjoy
almost any kind of music. Very shortly after learning
how to play the guitar, I also began writing down
the things I was thinking or feeling, and eventually
those thoughts morphed into these songs that I just
had to write out. Many 'Mind Grapes' were peeled
during that time (thank you 30 Rock).

When I play a show, I try to keep the music flowing
and play to the crowd the best I can, playing
different genres and seeing the kind of reaction I

I write a lot of my songs based on personal
experiences, taking complicated emotions and
situations, and creating a melody and musical
backing that suit the mood.

The title of my first EP was originally supposed to be
"Last Case Scenario", as in the best thing you
think out of a situation will also be the last. But
during the production of the packaging, the title
was lost to translation and became "Best Case
Scenario", which I decided to keep. The design and
artwork were so great, and the title fit both the
design and the music, so there was no changing it.
I recorded "Best Case Scenario" at 410 Studios in
Hamilton with producer and performer Carm Milioto,
as well as Lorenzo Castelli. The first time I ever
met Carm, I bled on his guitar. Story for another
time really, though.

The second EP that I am still currently working on
(the production of), "7 Minutes To Midnight", is
full of songs where you can kind of see the personal
progress that I made between the two EP's. I wanted
these songs to have more of an indie feel, or like
you were at a bar or coffee shop listening to me
playing them. One day, (when I can afford it probably)
I'd like to get these songs produced with a full band
in a studio, as well as other songs that I have not
released in any way shape or form.