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Dan Seiden is a born & bred New York City singer/songwriter & guitarist who's music is best characterized as a blend of Neil Young, Richard Thompson, and the Rolling Stones' Sticky Fingers with a little David Lowery thrown in for good measure.

With raw, up-front vocals and the thick, harmonic sounds of vintage guitars from simpler times, Orville is about songs. As a proudly self-proclaimed "city kid," educated at Brown, Dan Seiden's songs are influenced by protest and civil rights, bad politics, social situations and...the lack of an effective union for rock bands!

Though Dan Seiden has written well over a hundred songs and made many recordings, Orville is his first fully realized album release as a solo artist. This collection of songs represents the quirky side of Seiden the songwriter -- brought out with focus and clarity. The record is intentionally under-produced so as not to obscure the songs at its core, yet it is a fully developed piece of work. At times instrumentation is sparse and sounds are shimmery, other times it is loud and raucous. With this recording Dan Seiden shows his ability to be both a tune-smith and a rocker.

Dan Seiden has lived the typical New York City musician life -- appearing at the infamous CBGB's at age fourteen with his first band Bones Jones & the Jones Tones (a name I always get a kick out of); playing endlessly for years to follow at staple clubs like the Bitter End, Under Acme, Wetlands and Siné; ultimately graduating to more lucrative work with artists the likes of Lisa Loeb, Jewel, and Pheobe Snow.

Dan Seiden is still a classic city kid at heart. But he's found a place making his own music on his own terms -- living outside of the city in the tranquility of Southern Vermont, writing songs and playing clubs throughout New York and New England. - Geoff Oehler, Hivemusic.com

"Littlenoface in Putney"

Celebrated author David Shenk of geniusblog.davidshenk.com has called singer, songwriter and interpreter Dan Seiden “a genius” and calls Dans music “raw’, “powerful” and “plaintively beautiful”. Dan now teams with five phenomenal groove oriented musicians in the band Littlenoface. The band features the up and coming rhythm section of Pat Stevens on bass and Max Perry on drums. Veteran guitarists Mike Beardsley and Jason Sperling create breathtaking solo and duo passages. Keyboardist Eric Deluca, a legend up and down the east coast, rounds out the sextet. - Brattleboro (VT) Reformer, August 30th 2007

"Ode to Jeopardy: More Midi Insanity From Dan Seiden"

I like to send midi links to folks because here in Vermont many of us poor dirt farmers only have horse drawn modems. These files are tiny and fast but somewhat (mmmm, how do I put this?) less realistic than much.

So, check it and if you're interest is peaked you can hear real instruments and voices at:


This ones a combination of Alex Trebek and Beethoven

http://www.pcs.k12.vt.us/seiden/odetojeopardy.mid - Citizen Floyd at ibrattleboro.com Ibrattleboro.com

"Bucks Rock Fundraiser 2005"

As could be expected by any Buck’s Rocker, the sounds of music
soon began amid a series of fantastic performances. Singer/guitarists Dan
Seiden and Ivan Rubenstein-Gillis kicked things off with a batch of songs,
and returned (at the end of the show) for a selection of some covers and particularly strong and affecting original material. - Friends of Bucks Rock

"Genius is subjective"

I happen to believe that my friend Dan Seiden is a musical genius, but you've never even heard of him and so far no record executive is inclined to agree. (Dan himself won't even put a lot of his rawest and most powerful and most plaintively beautiful stuff online, forcing his friends to take matters into their own hands). - http://geniusblog.davidshenk.com/2007/02/index.html

"Brown Scene"

Liz and Lisa and I played a lot of acoustic gigs together, and I played bass for them one year (my senior year). Duncan joined the band the year after I graduated and moved to LA with my band "Onion". Duncan and I shared a rehearsal space in the basement of one of the dorms, but we never really hung out - we were cordial. There were also a lot of other amazingly talented musicians there. A band called "roundband", which consisted of singer/songwriter Dan Seiden (who became the guitarist in Onion), Joe Quigley on bass, and Jon Feinberg on drums, all of whom play on Lisa's first album. Also bands called BOX (now Babe the Blue Ox) and Dolores. My good friend Chad Fischer, with whom I later shared an apartment in New York, was in a band called the eyes and also played with Lisa for at least a year. He also played in "School OF Fish" and now has a band called Lazlo Bane. He is a producer here in LA. - Dan Mackenzie


Damn you dan seiden and yer goodtime music!

There outta be a law against music so catchy. - Authored by: Floyd on Monday, October 09 2006 @ 11:58 PM EDT


Dan Seiden CD Release “Orville”. This is available at Amazon.com. Otherwise, work is available only through the web site http://www.danseiden.com. Much music is there for free download.



Dan Seiden has hung out with rock stars but not quite become one himself. Stone Temple Pilots stole his song idea for the song Creep.