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The Dan Sheehan Conspiracy

Montclair, New Jersey, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2007 | INDIE

Montclair, New Jersey, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2007
Band Rock Alternative


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""Absolutely brilliant album of modern sounding rock""

Great CD by a great talent. There are some great rock moments on this CDwhich i like the best. "See Kay" is a kinda rocky track, but could almost be modern day Frank Zappa. Love Comatose" sounds like REM, love the way it changes structure. The only song I don't really like on the album is "Collateral Damage," mainly because it's a rap song, and I hate rap music, but it isn't an in-your-face rap, and is a kinda quirky song which has good music going through it and talks about the war.
"I'll Come Along" is brilliant - it bounces along nicely.
"Go Outside" sounds a bit like Sabbath in places.
"Epic Fantasy Adventure" is great, all about snow, a journey, a battle etc. Great lyrics, great beat all the way through, then goes mellow in middle of track. Kinda reminds me of a Barclay James Harvest track called "Summer Soldier." This is a future classic.
Highlights are "Melting Snowman,""Rock Song," and the ballad "Before You Wake" ends the album quite nicely.

Absolutely brilliant album of modern sounding rock, prog, and little quirky bits. - Alan Hale, British DJ

"Conspiring to Rock Long Island"

Nassau county-bred musician Dan Sheehan may have moved to Queens, but he still rehearses in Garden City Park with his bandmates. In fact, most of The Dan Sheehan Conspiracy’s shows have been on Long Island. “Our favorite places to play so far have been the Zebra Club and Molly Blooms,� he says, “and we’re psyched to be playing some new venues in the upcoming months.�

Far from a musical neophyte, Sheehan fronted Banter, the acclaimed late 90s Boston rock band, until 2002 when he returned to New York. “Boston’s a great place to start out as it has a very accessible music scene,� he notes, “but you can only go so far there because the college fan base keeps changing.�

With former Morrissey skinsman Spencer Cobrin and session man Roi Star sharing drumming duties, and Sheehan playing everything else—guitar, vocals, bass, synth, slide whistle—the Conspiracy recorded their eponymous CD locally in 2007. Inspired by bands like The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Pearl Jam and the Screaming Trees, The Dan Sheehan Conspiracy sounds like a mix of genres from folk to classic and prog rock. Their debut album has garnered extensive radio play, and Sheehan’s music hit the CMJ Top 30 on five stations.

One of their most accessible tunes, “See Kay,� is about the price of fame. “It’s about Meat Puppets’ bassist Cris Kirkwood,� notes Sheehan, “and the way he was taken down by drug addiction and a rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle.� And while Sheehan can sound like everyone from Chad Kroeger (Nickelback) to Meat Loaf, he ironically seems to be channeling the shamanic Jim Morrison at the song’s climactic ending.

Like the philosophical Morrison, Sheehan writes about everything from love and nature to alienation, war, heaven and hell. On the imaginative “Melting Snowman,� Sheehan sings about feelings of alienation when living in a big city, while the anthemic “Valley� and “Comatose� have a spiritual theme. “I’m not an anarchist or an atheist,� remarks Sheehan, “I’m a questioner. I question why things are the way they are because I’m puzzled why a creator would create such a crazy place.�

Sheehan’s music was recently in good company when the social work department at Stony Brook University used the Conspiracy’s “Collateral Damage� and Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On� as examples of songs that call people to organize a movement. Hopefully Dan’s fans will organize a movement to his shows as he embarks on a summer tour. Acts Sheehan would love to tour with include a reunited Meat Puppets or Led Zeppelin: “I’ll take the Smashing Pumpkins and Pearl Jam, too, if anyone has them to offer up, and will gladly open for any Led Zeppelin reunion tour that might materialize!� Until then, check out The Dan Sheehan Conspiracy on June 28th at the Sound Beach Inn. For updates go to

-Lisa Heffernan - Long Island Pulse magazine

"Dan Has Simply Outdone Himself"

Fresh New Music. There is simply nothing like it. And today we’re super delighted to present to you The Dan Sheehan Conspiracy. Dan Sheehan has a new album out, titled simply The Dan Sheehan Conspiracy. Dan plays a ton of the instruments on this album, including the guitars, keyboards and vocals, among others. There are a lot of influences here and you can find echoes of progressive rock, hard rock, ballads and everything in between. We love the way this disc flows and think that Dan has simply outdone himself. Conspiracy? We don’t know about that, but we do know that it is darn good tunes–and that’s what matters the most!

All tolled, we like this album, and are running the cuts "The Valley" and "See Kay."

As always,
david - music blog

"Quotes from industry folk"

Thanks for sending me your music. It's a strong and potent CD.
- Don Campau, No Pigeonholes, KKUP-FM, Cupertino, CA

The music is first class. His voice is unique and memorable...The Dan Sheehan Conspiracy CD is something you'll want in your collection.
- Wildy, Wildy's World music blog, Amherst, NY

This is a future classic... Absolutely brilliant album of modern sounding rock...
- Alan Hare, DJ, BRCFP, United Kingdom.

I gotta play you somebody I’m very, very, very excited about... The Dan Sheehan Conspiracy... He’s rock, he’s alternative, he’s singer-songwriter, he’s hip hop, he’s rap, he’s indie, he is FAN-tastic!
- Jersey Todd, Podcaster, The Jersey Todd Show, Princeton, NJ

We love the way this disc flows and think that Dan has simply outdone himself. Conspiracy? We don’t know about that, but we do know that it is darn good tunes–and that’s what matters the most!
- Radio Free David, Tijeras, NM

Love the music, Dan, love the feel.
- Uncle Shag, Longtown Sound, WLSO.FM, Ridgeway, SC

We think that The DSC is awesome! Let us know if you need anything!
- Deirdre, Music Director, WCHC-FM, Worcester, MA

Fantastic...the station ID is perfect. The CD is fantastic, too. Thanks!
- Jeni T., Music Director, KEOL-FM, LeGrande, OR

You guys did a great job!
- Randy Jackson, Zebra

Greetings from N.W. Washington; I am writing regarding your 01/29/08 release. My personal favorite is comatose, although others lean towards the valley or collateral damage... just wanted to touch base and let you know that people are getting your music and can appreciate the work involved! Also wanted to let you know we were using "collateral damage", so again Thank You for such great music.
-Darrol Cox, KODA of Anacortes

The "Dan Sheehan Conspiracy" took the stage aroud 9:15pm. Not only did they put on a great set of original music but proved to be a real tight band, with unique melodies and even more unique lyrics.
- Andrew Sulloew, Power of Music Productions, Bayside, NY

Come in walking, leave looking for rails to help you stand... trying to come up with categories for music hardly matters when it's all good. Just don't try explaining it to the folks at work the next day.
- Shred, WBCN-FM, Boston, MA - Various 'zines and DJs

"CD review"

Dan Sheehan is known to many in the Boston and New York music scenes as one of the creative forces behind the band Banter, which obtained cult status in those markets. Now Dan Sheehan has been set free from the constrictions of being part of a band and has unleashed his full creative force into The Dan Sheehan Conspiracy. Sheehan rocks with the vigor and suppressed anger of the best punk rockers, but is influenced stylistically by modern and prog rock. The Dan Sheehan Conspiracy is an ample introduction to this talented musician.

Sheehan brings the intensity of Jim Morrison to the microphone, and even sounds a bit like him at times. The frenetic energy in Sheehan's guitar work reminds me of a Canadian Alt-Rock band from the 1990's called Dig Circus. There's even a rap/rocker in here, Collateral Damage, imploring listeners to pay attention to the after-effects of war on soldiers and their families. Sheehan runs the gamut from classic rock anthem (See Kay, The Valley) to folk song (Rock Song) to ballad (Before You Wake). The true highlights come in the prog flavored Patterns In The Rain.

The Dan Sheehan Conspiracy has already seen airplay on nearly 200 radio stations across the US, and I suspect that number will only increase in time. Dan Sheehan's subject matter will appeal to broad swath of the general public, and the music is first class. His voice is unique and memorable, with just a hint of that Morrison mystique. Add in the solid drumming of Morrissey's Spencer Cobrin, and there is something here to appeal to music fans of many tastes. The Dan Sheehan Conspiracy CD is something you'll want in your collection.
- Wildy's World music blog

"Dan Sheehan: A New Album"

Local act The Dan Sheehan Conspiracy recently performed at The Zebra Club in Copiague and The End Zone in Whitestone, opening for Randy Jackson and Erocktica. Their new self-titled CD was recently released, and is now available at and other outlets.

The band recently performed at a well-attended CD release party at the Parkside Lounge in New York City. Next up for the band is an appearnce at The Courthouse in Massapequa Park on Saturday, January 26. For more information, log on to - Good Times, 2008

"Demolition: The Dan Sheehan Conspiracy"

Who: Dan Sheehan is an area rock guitarist, songwriter, and singer who has performed with his band at many local venues, including The Zebra Club in Copiague and The End Zone in Whitestone, and has opened for Randy Jackson and Erocktica. This, his first self-titled CD, was recently released, and the CD release party was at The Parkside Lounge in New York City. He also has performed with the rock group Banter.

What: The album is guitar-driven rock with a touch of pop -- and a surprising political bent on such tracks as opener "The Valley" and "Collateral Damage." Other musicians on the disc include Spencer Cobrin and Roi Star on drums, as Sheehan performs on the rest of the instruments himself. The disc was recorded at several venues in New York and New Jersey. This disc was recently featured on WBAB and on the music website. At live shows, The Dan Sheehan Conspiracy consists of Sheehan, Bobby King Baby and bassist Michael Lynch.

Availability:, iTunes and most other mp3 online stores,, or by utilizing the links on the artist's website.

To Learn More About The Band: Log on to the band's website at The group will perform at a benefit for cystic fibrosis with Race Odyssey and other acts at Molly Bloom's II in Amityville on February 2. - Good Times, 2008

""a new compelling vision of rock""

CD review by Roger-Z (03/15/09)

Dan Sheehan manages to do what so few have accomplished in recent years -- present a new and compelling vision of rock. With his deep voice and penchant for mid-tempo anthems, Sheehan lays out a complex, Shakespearean world where God, man, and nature all interact in a cosmic pie of joy and tragedy. He sums it up quite nicely in "The Valley." "Standing on the mountain of indignation looking down into a valley of ignorance. Trying to predict the two world's outcomes, unable to determine a difference. Why does it all have to be so trying, living in a world full of amazements? Trying hard to balance our soul's desires between our mind's and God's and the government's."

Mr. Sheehan took a unique approach to recording this album. He laid down basic tracks with only a drummer (Spencer Cobrin and Roi Star, depending on availability) and himself on rhythm guitar. He then erased the guitar tracks and built up the songs playing all the instruments himself. Sheehan proves a master at layering, melodic lead guitar, and tempo shifts.

Paeans to virtually everything abound on this fourteen song CD. In "If I Had the Time," the singer marvelously expresses personal disdain. "I could really hate you. I would really hate you. I would hate you so much if and if I only had the time." As the title implies, "Rock Song" describes life as a rock. "If I were not a rock I'd be just a grain of sand, brushed aside by footsteps as they redistribute land. If I were not a rock, I'd be unable to stand. I'd be blown away like dust in Aristotle's hand." I love it when he shouts "Rock on" just before the guitar solo. In "Comatose," Dan Sheehan describes the conflicting impulses that often leave us powerless to act. "Sifting through the memory banks of some forgotten day trying to recover the thoughts lost along the way... Driven by imagination unfueled by inspiration. Caught up in contemplation, or is it just hesitation? Like creatures running blind looking for what we cannot find. And as we delve into our minds, we find our passions have resigned." The rocker "See Kay" details the incessant fighting of two brothers in a band (patterned after Curt and Cris Kirkwood of the Meat Puppets). "Epic Fantasy Adventure Song" describes a battle worthy of "The Lord of the Rings." But as a mother calls her young son into dinner, you realize it's just a daydream. In "Collateral Damage," Sheehan rails about modern warfare and censorship to the sounds of bombs dropping in the background. "An orphaned boy who's lost both arms is an image for the rest of the world to see. But here in the good old U.S. of A. we only see what's chosen by the folks in D.C. Now rectify it! I'll testify it! You're selling cheap but we don't buy it. Now justify it! Don't just deny it! There's no demand but we still supply it!" On a lighter note, someone should pick up the haunting instrumental "Another Morning" as a television or movie theme.

How refreshing to hear an artist so full of imagination with the guts (and musical chops) to tell it like it is. "The Dan Sheehan Conspiracy" harkens back to the sixties in content and sound, most notably, the Jefferson Airplane. Pick up this CD, marvel at its tales, and open your mind to the world around you. You'll be glad you did. - More Sugar Magazine

"The DSC in The Campus (City College)"

The Campus (City College New York) 5/11/2009

"The Dan Sheehan Conspiracy"
by Anya Doorga, Arts & Entertainment Editor

The Dan Sheehan Conspiracy has a refreshing and natural sound that many other bands in today's scene lack. The band has a strong old school vibe influenced by 1970s rock 'n' roll. Their new self-titled album includes politically infused songs exemplifired by the single, "Collateral Damage." Other songs on the album feature an eclectic variety of music, ranging from classic rock inspired ballads to alternative sounds. It's definitely a good listen for those who appreciate well-written music and original lyrics rather than the modern garbage that overflows out of today's music television networks.

This musical group has been storming college radio airwaves for the past few years. The leading man, Dan Sheehan, is mostly known for being a former member of the 1990s band, Banter. After leaving Banter, Sheehan formed The Dan Sheehan Conspiracy, which consists of Dan Sheehan, guitar and vocals; King Baby, drums; and City College's own Gianluis Rosado on bass and backing vocals. Yes, a City College student just like you is recording with and performing in an awesome band. Gianluis Rosado was able to give the Campus some inside information on The Dan Sheehan Conspiracy and his band life during an interview:

Anya Doorga: How long have you been a part of The Dan Sheehan Conspiracy?

Gianluis Rosado: I've been in the DSC since September, 2008, so about six months.

AD: So you're a new member then!

GR: Yes, I am.

AD: How did you join this band?

GR: Dan used to give me audio classes at Bronx Community College. I was a very good student in the class and he told me he had a band. I listened to his CDs. After he stopped giving classes, he started having concernts and gigs with his band. I asked if I could go to his performances and he told me his bass player just left. I said I knew a lot of bass players but I know how to play as well. I offered to audition and he agreed. They liked the way I performed and I got in the band.

AD: Oh wow, so you're real good then.

GR: I can play it well. I can dig it.

AD: How long have you played the guitar?

GR: I've been playing guitar since I was fifteen but I played bass since May 2008. I got it really quick because I knew guitar already. I just had to learn a few things more on top of what I already knew to play bass.

AD: Do you write music with Dan?

GR: Yes. I've written my own compositions. We both write music and lyrics. We're releasing a new CD by the end of this year.

AD: Which bands or musical artists are your greatest influences or inspirations?

GR: My greatest influences are Dream Theatre, Steve Vai, and Metallica.

AD: How do you manage both schoolwork and your music career?

GR: I usually a able to have good time management, so I'm able to do it all. I have a calendar on my wall. I list the things I have to do on a board in my room, too. It helps a lot because sometimes it's too much (among) school, music, my job, and videos.

AD: Videos?

GR: I work for SAME TV. I also make videos. That's originally why I came to the U.S., to study film and TV. I earned an Associates Degree in Media and Technology at Bronx Community College.

AD: What is music's role in your life now? Do you think it will have the same influence on you in the future, perhaps in the next ten years?

GR: I've been involved in so many things, but there isn't a day where I don't listen to music. I listen to such musi from the slowest ballad to the heaviest metal. I lived on Mozart Street for my entire life before I came to the U.S. All musicians lived there on that street. I got influenced by them and listened to them every day. Both of my parents play guitar and sing as well. I have always had the enjoyment of listening to music. Music relieves my stress and gives me joy. It will always be a part of my life and I want to teach others to enjoy music. I wouldn't mind teaching people how to play instruments. - The Campus


Dan Sheehan Conspiracy releases:

*Are You Conspirienced?, 2012 airplay on over 200 radio stations in North America, Europe, Africa, South America, Australasia
*THE DAN SHEEHAN CONSPIRACY, 2008 - airplay on over 200 radio stations in the U.S./Canada/Europe with chart placements in Arizona, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Illiniois, Kansas, Louisiana, New Hampshire, Tennessee, and Vermont.

BANTER releases featuring Dan Sheehan on vocals, guitar, writer

*MONDRIAN (various artists) "Farewell" made THE NOISE magazine's top 20 of the year.
*"Springtime in February" single - aired on New England Cable News, made THE NOISE magazine's top 20 of the year.
* SIDE ONE ep.



While the past few years have seen other modern rock bands embrace the subtle, with their new album Are You Conspirienced? the Dan Sheehan Conspiracy present a fresh new sound which isn’t afraid to harness the passion that made rock music a force to be reckoned with during its most potent eras. Fueling Sheehan’s soul baring lyrics are a band equally capable of painting musical textures as they are flexing their rock muscles to present a collection which covers a wide range of musical emotions and dynamics.

What started as a studio project featuring Dan plus drummer Spencer Cobrin (ex-Morrissey) turned into a formidable live act in 2007 when Sheehan, former leader of the underground rock heroes Banter, started getting requests to perform live in the New York area prior to the completion of the self-titled Dan Sheehan Conspiracy album. Upon its release Conspiracy received airplay on over 200 radio stations in North America and Europe and garnered licensing deals on both sides of the Atlantic as Dan and company started traversing the U.S. performing at venues from New York City’s Knitting Factory to Tucson’s Plush, and at festivals from Make Music New York to the

Are You Conspirienced? features the live DSC lineup solidified in 2010, a band which roars with unbridled force on rockers such as the angstful “I’ll See You There” and the Southern-tinged “The Ever Pleasant Notion,” the latter of which combines anthemic riffs with slide guitars and a gospel vocal wail giving way to a middle-eight rap by emcee Sheehan.

“Eleventh Hour” and “Have a Nice Summer” present the more alt-rock roots which Banter brought to the stages of the Northeast U.S. in the pre-Conspiracy days. “Something in Return” lures the listener with a catchy piano hook leading into a pop/punk chorus as it makes an unapologetic critique of the self-centered people too often found in the arts world. Paying tribute to their more classic influences, the Conspiracy bring in guest keyboard legend Patrick Moraz (Yes, the Moody Blues etc. etc.) to add organ to the heavy blues of “Dark Summer” and the Latin-tinged rocker “Tu Mochila Está Abierta.” Finishing the album is the beautiful solo guitar instrumental “Message to Jeremiah,” written for Sheehan’s father who passed away in 2009.

A listen to Conspirienced? gives any fan of class or modern rock music insight as to the DSC’s multi-faceted approach to making a rock album and a sense of the band’s intense dedication to quality in songwriting, arranging and performance, which makes it easy to understand why the album has quickly gotten airplay across the U.S. as well is in Canada, throughout Europe and in South America and Africa. Conspirienced? lays a solid foundation for many more fine things to come the DSC’s way in 2013.

The release of The Dan Sheehan Conspiracy in early 2008 brought Sheehan's music to over 200 radio stations across North America and Europe, and brought Sheehan and company to various corners of the United States with live performances at New York hubs The Knitting Factory and Trash Bar, appearances in Arizona fueled by a Top 25 artist position at KWSS-Phoenix, an appearance at everyone's favorite Austin music festival, and charity work performing at benefits helping cancer patients in upstate New York and children suffering from Cystic Fibrosis. The band continued touring in 2009 until an injury to original drummer "King Baby" forced Sheehan to fulfill tour dates as a solo performer. In 2010 new life was breathed into the band by Vermont transplants Dave Mason (drums) and Simon Kono (guitar) and the band began work on the second DSC album, Confessions of the Dan Sheehan Conspiracy. As the title suggests (and the live performancs of Confessions tunes confirms), Confessions promises to be an album of more personal, soul-purging lyrics, but fueled by the wide range of musical influences found on the first DSC album where ballads, manic alt rockers, Byrds-influenced folk rock, and world/jazz influences exist in harmony and bliss.

Confessions of the Dan Sheehan Conspiracy is slated for an October, 2010 release.