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When your mom told you to "watch out for the quiet ones," she was talking about Chef Rocka. The crazy white boy "Chef" and his cohort the funk doctor "Rocka" may seem like the most unlikely duo, but when they get on stage there is an EXPLOSION OF ENERGY. It'll smash your face if you don't expect it.


Hip-hop duo Chef Rocka is the hottest pair of rap artists on the scene today. Their combined talent merges in a scorching hot fusion of hip-hop energy, delivering unbelievable hooks and edgy lyricism. They hail from New Jersey and they’re proud of it. The two are a striking pair, bringing distinct influences to bear on a common goal. Chef is just a crazy white boy that likes to get the place rowdy and Rocka adds some Nigerian energy as a hype man.

The term “keeping it real” is bandied about freely, but few really appreciate the depth of what it means. Chef Rocka knows exactly what it’s all about. The street appeal of their music does not rely on cliché references to the ghetto. Rather, it lies in the fact that these emcees keep themselves rooted in the real, focused on the true grit of life. “I grew up in a time when everyone told you to ‘keep it real’,” says Chef. “So that’s what I do – speak about life as I know it.”

And part of keeping it real is staying in touch with one’s spirituality, facing the deeper reality of life. Though Chef Rocka has their share of spiritual references in their songs, they try to give an honest portrayal of life as Christians. They claim that spirituality is the greatest source of power for their art. “I’d say that God influences my songs the most. I like to say that I plagiarize my songs from God,” says Chef.

Chef Rocka has done shows with audiences of more than 500, and is currently gearing up for a tour with R&B phenomenon A Natural. When they’re not playing live, new material is always in the works. The duo has announced the impending release of their first full length album, “The Frankenstein Anthology” which will release sometime in 2008. Until then, sampler CDs will be available at shows and online. The pair is currently working with A&R Select, the leading indie A&R firm in Hollywood, CA.



All tracks - The Frankenstein Anthology | Chef Rocka | Production/Vocals | LP | 2008
-2 Tracks produced by Theory Hazit
-1 song w/ guest vox from Manchild from Mars Ill

All tracks - Kung Foo Beatdown | The Shogunz | Production/Vocals | EP | 2006
-Till Ya Dancing has recieved radio play from numerous radio stations, including being featured on Club Virtue hosted by the grammy nominated singer, Tonex.

Smile - Refocus | A Natural featuring Chef of Chef Rocka | Production/Vocals | Single | 2006
-Highest downloaded single off the album (iTunes)

Wit Ee's - Chilltown New York | Erick Sermon | Co-writer | 2004
-Actually, this song was sold behind my back. Erick Sermon "bought" the concept and put it on his album. Welcome to the industry!

Set List

We are prepared to perform for up to 30 minutes. That's a half an hour of us jumping around, rapping, dancing, and maybe headbanging if we feel like it.