D. Anson Brody

D. Anson Brody


An earthy alternative singer songwriter with an amazingly original guitar technique and a voice possessed by passion. D. Anson Brody's emotive performance's mix showmanship, amazing ability, and charisma.


Classically trained on the upright bass since he was 10 years old, Anson's passionate and emotive performances have been touching hearts and dropping jaws all across the country. D. Anson has opened for acts ranging from hard rock groups Tantric and Framing Hanley to instrumental jazz sensation Rhett Butler, including all manner of emerging independent songwriters in between.

Explaining how it all got started, he says, "I was selling guitars at a music shop. I showed a customer an acoustic guitar but I played it slap pop style like a bass. The customer dug it, but one of the other employees pulled me aside and said, ‘You can't play guitar like that!’, which was the WRONG thing to say to me! I started practicing and honing my technique right there in that shop until my boss loaned me his Gibson J150 to practice on. I tuned it to C and started wailing, a little too hard maybe. When I gave the guitar back it was probably more superglue than wood".

Focused on songwriting, Anson believes that his amazing technique is a means to an end, and not an end in itself. His passionate and emotive performances and powerful vocals are often noted as his main draw by fans. He says "People like flashy technique, but ultimately they want to connect. Music is a language. It's communication."


Start Again

Written By: D. Anson Brody

Don't bring my thoughts home in no brown paper bag
Don't got no bar code on the back of my neck
This body is not your machine to make money
I was put on this earth to love everybody
we're all losing our mind, but we can't see it
I gotta keep thinking it's not illegal yet
just cause you say it don't mean I believe it
anything's possible if you choose to dream it

I can feel it rumbling through my soul
it is lost what this world has controlled
I can feel it tearing through my veins
it's pumpin through my heart
you got to start again

and love's not a luxury that only rich can afford
And sometimes you've got a hunger that can't be ignored
I say your body is not a machine to make money
you were put on this earth to love everybody
we're all losing our minds, we can't see it
Gotta keep believin it's not illegal yet
and they'll try to tell you your nothing don't you believe them
you've got to find hope and never give it up yeah

Never Too Late

Written By: D. Anson Brody

Can't run away this time
Still got miles and miles of knots to unwind
I don't care how it looks
I'm gonna light this fire
Let your spirit blaze and let your head perspire

And you might get lost
year after year
but it's never too late to quit trusting in fear
I said it's never too late to quit trusting in fear

we all go through it everyday
we all suffer you might as well be creative with it

Well I'm not sayin that it's easy
I'm not sayin there ain't bruises when you see me
Oh things will tear at you
they will beat you down
but I know in my soul
that that's not what lifes about

Old Time Love

Written By: D. Anson Brody

Don't want no gold digger.
Don't want a love that burns away.
Don't want no saturday night lover.
Don't want a love that goes astray.

Give me that old time love.
Like my Grandma had for my Grandpa.
Give me that old time love.
Like a Sunday afternoon
Watchin flowers bloom love.

Don't want a lover who is cruel.
Don't want a love that would take down to you.
Don't want a love that's never satisfied.
Don't want a love I run and hide from.

Yeah, I'll know that it's true
when she can look right through me.
Yeah, I'll know that it's real.
When the scars start to heal.

Still Believe

Written By: D. Anson Brody

There was a time when I was so young, when I was so young
I was told I could be anything, anything that I wanted to be
But somewhere down the line, I was told hat it's a lie
and that I have to embrace, reality

But I don't care, don't care what you say
I'm gonna be the man
I always knew that I'd grow up to be yeah
I don't care what you say
because that real world
it don't mean nothin to me
I don't care what you say
I still believe in my dreams
so believe in me

ok, so maybe it'll be harder than I think
Ok, so maybe I stand to loose everything
but I'm still sitting at the table
saying dealer, deal me in
Cuz I'm ready to loose
but I'm ready-er to win


'Start Again" Single-2009

EP "Elephants and Entropy" to be released April 2010

Set List

Never Too Late
It's Alright
The Fable
Cedar trees
Start Again
Still Believe

*Set varies based on the feel of the room