Dan Spencer

Dan Spencer

 Herndon, Virginia, USA

Dan Spencer combines the perfect mix of melodies, harmonies and lyrics to take the listener on an unforgettable journey through every song he writes. His electrifying sound of pop/rock featuring driving guitars and big synths will make you get up and belt out every long thought out word. Listen...


DAN SPENCER … has been a successful singer, songwriter, producer, engineer, and musician for years now. After his time fronting 2 popular original bands, “The Redlights” and “Rustbelt City”, throughout the 2000’s, he has taken a step into the solo realm of the music industry. His style is a mix of 90’s alternative rock with today’s beat based music and big synths. It’s a powerful, electrifying sound that will lift you off your feet and leave you breathless. His lyrical content covers topics from love, loss, unity, protest, addiction, finding oneself, and following dreams. He hopes that his fans will find peace of mind in his music and stand with him in this new journey.


Truth Serum (Single)

*EP coming Fall of 2013

Set List

A Dan Spencer band set is 65-90 minutes of mostly original music as well as a couple covers.

Dan can perfrom two 65 minute sets with 20 plus covers in the set list as well.