Dan Sperry : Magic No Longer Sucks.

Dan Sperry : Magic No Longer Sucks.

 Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

You've seen him in Las Vegas, on YouTube, America's Got Talent, and headling his national tours - now you can see him live on stage! Your idea of a magic show is about to change when you experience shock illusionist: Dan Sperry.


Anti-Conjuror: Dan Sperry has been described as David Copperfield meets Marilyn Manson and is the only illusionist to ever be awarded the title of most original magician on FOX’s “World Magic Awards.”

At the age of four Sperry went to see famed illusionist David Copperfield with his grandparents and left the showroom in tears from the shocking acts on stage. The Copperfield performance stayed with him for many years as he started to try his own hand at magic. At the age of 10 he performed his very first show in front of an audience at a hometown picnic in rural Minnesota.

From there his career took off as he began to perform at parties including a private party for Johnny Depp’s children, universities, state fairs and much more. At the age of 17 he was already an internatio champion with honally recognizednors including being the youngest illusionist to headline the famed Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA and multiple appearances on the hit TV series “Masters of Illusion.” Sperry was also the youngest illusionist featured in “The World’s Greatest Magic Show” for three years in Las Vegas, NV.

After spending several years touring throughout Canada, Greece, Italy and numerous other destinations, Sperry appeared on season five of NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” in early 2010. After receiving more than one million views on YouTube, he captivated voters and sent judges running into the stands with his offbeat performance of making a lifesaver appear out of his throat. One week after performing on the show, Sperry was one of the top ten most Googled people as fans tried to search out more of his shocking talent.

In October 2010 Sperry headlined at Fright Dome, Las Vegas’ premiere Halloween attraction, which was voted in the top five Halloween attractions in the nation by AOL Travel. During his month-long stage show Sperry entertained numerous celebrity guests including a private performance for his childhood influence, David Copperfield.

His show combines illusion and the bizarre with satirical macabre humor. It is non-stop mayhem set to an industrial musical score with razor blades, buzz saws, voo doo, blood and more. In the case of Dan Sperry, Magic No Longer Sucks.

Set List

Dan Sperry combines classic sleight of hand and manipulation, theatrical illusion, together with a little bit of the bizarre to bring a new and refreshing look and style to an old art form.

Watch out for the following illusions:
- Heads or Tails
-Coin Operated Boy
-Voo Doo
-The Broken Glass Game
- The infamous LIFESAVER that made Dan world-famous
and more!