dan stepich & the souls lightning

dan stepich & the souls lightning

 Blair Athol, South Australia, AUS

Hi i'm dan stepich & the souls lightning i'm a singer/songwriter musician i write,record & perform solo & also with a friend of mine steve monis.I would love the opportunity to record in a great studio to record my new songs & to perform my songs all over the world.I hope your cool & lovin' life!


To describe my music i think you would have to listen to some of my songs.My influences are Bob Dylan,John Lennon,Neil Young,Bob Marley,Captain Beefheart,Jim Morrison,Jeff Buckley,Ben Harper,Cady Groves,Hayley Williams,Johnny Cash + too many more to mention.My story is i started singing & playing guitar in bands,firstly started a band with my friend Hando called K.P. kind of like a early post,punk,pop,metal system of a down sounding band.Then i started a band with my friend Manc called Ethyls Wreck surf,rock,pop,metal influences then i started a solo project called Artisans Of Loss you can check out some of these songs go to www.myspace.com/artisansofloss then i started a solo project called dan stepich & the souls lightning recording & playing solo & also with my friend Steve Monis.



Written By: dan stepich

StOnEd is a song about facing up to your fears & having faith+


Written By: dan stepich

Grace is an anti-war song LoVe is the answer!

Red Envelopes

Written By: dan stepich

red envelopes is a song about LoVe & Loss+


Written By: dan stepich

inside is a song about not giving Up+

mr. president

Written By: dan stepich

mr. president is an open letter to corruption!


K.P. has just demo recordings.
Ethyls Wreck LP- Tales Of Ordinary Madness
Artisans Of Loss streaming www.myspace.com/artisansofloss
dan stepich & the souls lightning LP - LoVe available to buy @ my site store http://reverbnation.com/danstepichthesoulslightning

Set List

1.Stoned 11.Into The Wild 21.Birds
2.Oslo 12.Cady 22.Mr.President
3.New Moon 13.Song For Julia 23.Freedom Song
4.Tracee 14.A Song For Hannah 24.Circles
5.Fridays Child 15.Raw 25.Summerlite
6.Red Envelopes 16.Blackbird 26.Inside
7.Spare Some Change 17.Kimberly 27.Missing
8.Purple Lite 18.One LoVe 28.Not 4 You
9.Grace 19.Soul Free 29.Bulletproof teen
10.Save The Parks 20.This Is Love 30.Leaves