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Coming from hell and back can not describe the trials and tribulations Dante has endured. Baptized in fire, a lost soul, driven by the urge and need to bring to light the voice which is his own. No one could not imagine, nor fathom the life Dante has lead. Poverty and violence having plagued his childhood, few happy moments can be recalled by Dante. Love was never a possession to him, always stripped away at last moment. A dagger in the heart was received by Dante for every love he has held so dear. Bent, crooked intentions, infidelities and falsehoods from others were shown in return to Dante. Having lost friends due to death and betrayal, a calloused individual has emerged from the rubble and tattered remains of the past. A unique, dark voice has been bred and created. One that lacks compassion and regard for the physical world, and all that inhabit it. Making very few, lasting friendships, those that remain true to Dante are bound by blood and duty to him, and like wise. Dante exemplifies the true art of music production and engineering at its finest. A fine example of skill and technique, Dante is accredited and certified in music production and music business; through the Music Industry Workshop. In addition, he has worked for Jamn Recording Studios, and a handful of other studios to further hone his skill. It was the inner-demons running rampant, and the struggles to maintain a normal existence that brought forth the metamorphosis from a producer into a lyricist within Dante. No longer able to keep bottled-up his anger and aggression; frustrations consuming one’s being-Dante employed the pen, and its ink bleed the very blood that courses through his veins! No subject is too dark or morbid, these are realities that he has faced on an everyday basis. Writing has become an outlet for Dante to express, and project his innermost thoughts and experiences. Armed with an arsenal of gritty, blood-soaked, harsh lyrics, Dante demonstrates the meaning of a true lyricist; writing what comes from within. There are few happy moments, ones that would bring forth smiles, or pleasant memories. All that is left is death, pain, and hate; a rotting shell of a man has been left behind. Dare to walk the path of lucifer, fear the unknown which is known in him; here walks the devil amongst men!