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Dan Tedesco

Chicago, Illinois, United States

Chicago, Illinois, United States
Band Rock


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“I first saw Chicago’s Dan Tedesco perform last October in a small corner of the Full Moon Bar & Grill in Batavia, IL. Ripped jeans, worn t-shirt, harmonica around his neck, acoustic guitar, and a serious love for rock n’ roll, Dan was ready as he entered the bar. There were maybe fifteen people in place, some cared and some didn’t, but the quantity of people was not important to him. As he tuned and prepared his guitar, he was almost giddy as if everything between performances was meaningless. Waiting for the show to begin I thought about the true meaning of rock n’ roll, the true purpose of music. Records sales, mp3’s, blogs, promos, none of these things crossed my mind. At the heart of music is the passion to share your story and your song. To share with the audience, yes, but to also share with those who came before you and those who will follow. As Dan began to sing it was clear he was filled with this passion, and even though he was in the same room as me he was singing and stomping and strumming for a purpose way beyond me, way beyond that bar. Dan sings to keep the record spinning, to contribute a line to the song, to play rock n’ roll.” - Jason Behrends

"93.1 WXRT - Chicago"

"Dan Tedesco's music is the thoughts and feeling of this generation." - John Farneda, Music Director


"Symphony in the City" - 13-track acoustic disc independently released in July of 2007

"Starin' at a Green Light" - full-length 11-track album released in March of 2009



I'll tell you who I am. I'm a kid from the countryside of Illinois who saw something in rock 'n roll music, or I should say felt something in rock 'n roll music, that I've been chasing ever since. It's led me to some pretty incredible places, and into the lives of some pretty amazing people. As a musician/songwriter/performer/person I'm hoping to carry on that wild, uninhabited spirit that the true rock 'n roll bands stood for. It's that ability to conquer things most people would be too afraid or insecure to ever attempt. It's taking the chance...and being satisfied with whatever the outcome is.

I'm also the guy trying to make music relevant again. In my opinion, there are a lot of great bands out there right now....but a lot of them aren't relelvant to today. They may be a novelty act that is copping the sound of the '60s or a grunge band more or less following the formula first concocted with needles and booze by Black Sabbath. But my goal is to somehow re-connect where music has come from with today....instead of just floating out there in the black hole of random music on iTunes. In other words, drink new beer out of old bottles.

A lot of folks often ask how I put my band - The Long Haul - together. So I'd like to go ahead and explain that to you all now. Rio Chavez, my drummer, found me at a local bar gig I was playing back in the summer of '06. We instantly clicked and despite having been out of the band circuit for about 5 years - I knew he was the right fit a few minutes into our first rehearsal. As for Darin Mullins, he came to me through a friend's recommendation. Initially he was just helping out by filling in the bass slot - but one thing led to another and eventually he came on full speed. And I have to say that I'm grateful for it. I added Brad Quandt on rhythm guitar in the fall of '07. He's an old friend from back in the day who I've played with in various bands throughout junior high and portions of high school. Honestly, I can say I probably have the coolest group of people to play with who truly understand my music and have an unbelievable level of dedication and committment to performing it.

So....I thought of just telling you my birthdate, when I started playing guitar, where I grew up, where I went to school, etc. but I feel this is way more important. If you want to know those other things, feel free to drop me a line and I'll be happy to tell ya.

Keep the record spinning and the volume up high.