Dante Falcone

Dante Falcone


Dante Falcone displays a Renaissance Man approach to music. His vision of rock music fuses multi genres and shows an amazing showcase of talent through playing all the instruments on his recordings. His style is a mix between Rock and Hard Rock meet The Beatles and Soft Rock.


Dante Falcone was raised in a small town in Massachusetts. He was first drawn into music when his father brought home a small stereo. Dante was immediately hooked on Rock music. The songs that incited the muscial spark were 1979 by Smashing Pumpkins, Gone Away by The Offspring, and Trust by Megadeth. He quickly got into other artists such as Greenday and Metallica. Later on in after high school Dante was accepted to Berklee Music in Boston, but he decided to pursue a degree in Liberal Arts from Umass Amherst instead. At this time his influences stretched from Jazz, Fusion (Pat Metheny), Guitar Instrumental (Joe Satriani), Blues, Pop, Rock, and Heavy Metal. Now Dante tries to fuse his influences together to make an original sound that will keep him distinguishable.


The Fire

Written By: Dante Falcone

I've been here before
This feeling inside
Is all that I feel
Just got to survive

There's nothing to question
All that grows in this world
Will renew again
Flower to a bloom

Cause I've been thinking 'bout the fire today
What will become?
Cause I've been thinking 'bout the fire today
Always got to see too much
Cause I've been thinking 'bout the fire today

Some things come too late
When you're young you don't relate
Pay for it dearly
And then you believe

We're not always right
Who's not blinded inside
We've come so far
From where we started out


The Fire - Demo
Full Album Soon to Come