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Dante Fawkes dedicated to Indie Hip Hop raised in Atlanta, Ga. Doing my thing for 6 years. No matter how cliche, as Jazzy Jeff says i do it "for the love of the game." Always on the grind lyrics always in my head my movements always reflect my goals and ambitions to get a voice and word out! Peace!


Born in Brunswick, Ga my pops owned a Hip Hop clothing store. I would hang around there everyday after school. An 8 yr old nerdy lookin Asian kid hangin around urban youth and listenin to 90s rap music on the radio. Who wouldve thought that later on I'd want to contribute my part into the culture by voicing out my creativity and opinions out through a micrphone. Moved to Atlanta, Ga in middle school and then in early highschool I ran wit a few crews but they all eventually disbanded. I'm the last man standing that still has a hunger and I'm still doin my thing fightin to get my voice out not only so your hear it but so you listen to it. For more info visit www.myspace.com/dantefawkes!


Therapy Musik Promotional Mixtape
Rarespeak EP

Set List

Latest set that was performed

Must Be
Love Aint
2 Years
Its Yourz

20 minute set

I dont do cover songs. I write and perform my own material. All Original.