Dante Mazzetti

Dante Mazzetti


Dante's compositions have been described as having strong melodies and thoughtful lyrics sung with a voice that is both expressive and melodic.


“[Ben] Folds was not the only crowd pleaser at the concert Sunday night. Dante Mazzetti, a singer-songwriter from New York City opened for Folds at the concert.” So wrote the arts and entertainment editor at The Oswegonian after watching Dante’s show at Oswego College.
Dante Mazzetti, New York City born and raised, has been writing and performing professionally for ten years, since he was fifteen.
In addition to opening for Folds several times, he recently opened to a wildly cheering crowd of Something Corporate fans and has been on tour with Hal Ketchum, the alt-country artist.
Dante performs regularly at clubs in New York and Boston (Sin-e, Luna Lounge, The Living Room, Alphabet Lounge, Kendall Café, Middle East, Passim’s and Caffee Lena in Saratoga is a partial list).
He attended The Professional Performing Arts School in Manhattan and won a Bertlesmann’s World of Creativity Scholarship for his song, “The Red Shirts.” Dante then attended the music conservatory at Purchase College where he studied studio composition. He was a featured artist at the Peekaboo Festival for New Talent and a finalist at the Sierra Songwriter’s Festival. His song, “Standing in the Rain” was used by Levi’s and featured him performing it solo.
He has released two cd’s, the latest of which, "Lost And Drifting" was released in 2004.
Dante’s website contains photos, notes updates on his comings and goings and most importantly, links to song samples.
Dante’s music is versatile with a wide variety of influences, easily discernable on first listening. Heavily influenced by contemporary poet Mark Strand and traditional writers such as Dostoevsky and Shakespeare. His lyrics reflect a lush, textured, yet straightforward use of language. Dante is available for colleges, tours, club dates and festivals.
Contact can be made via the website or by calling management (Arms Reach / Al Salzillo) at (401) 949-2004.


Wasted Dreams

Written By: Dante Mazzetti

Oh, darling
I hope you like
Wasted dreams
I hope you like wasted memories
Baby I’ve got a few

I’m nothing
Except for the places
That I’ve been to
And the years
That I’ve shed true
And the thoughts I have of you

In evening time
I’ll wait for you
In evening time

Let me only
Hold on to you forever
Through purple stormy weather
And watch the nights pass slowly by

Take these bones
And hold them like a casket
If I die without my asking
If my memory’s pass me by

In evening time
I’ll wait for you
In evening time

(c) dante mazzetti 2004

Hearts In Stone

Written By: Dante Mazzetti

I guess I’m
Worn too much
To be true
The devil
Breaks your heart
But I lie to you

I guess I’m
Worn too much
My hearts in stone
Please take me home
I’ll let you

The river wilds its way
Close to me
A candle
Burns back the day
Into a dream
And I could stay for good
And you’d never know
But I must go
Just let me

A drunken beggar cries
I have lost him with the lies
That I’ve told forever

Rabbit In The Sun

Written By: Dante Mazzetti

The midnight clock bells chime
My thoughts of you dance round the time
Let me hold you
Before the hands dance round again

In the shadows of the park
When twilight plays chess
With the dark
I will haunt you every moment

The rabbit in the sun
He’s drinking with a gun
He’s tired of waiting

The fiddler drinks his gin
His eyes are glowing red with sin
And his untuned violin makes my head spin

The whiskey in the bar
Has kept me in this place so far
But I’m tired of the thought of who you are

The rabbit in the sun
He’s drinking with a gun
He’s tired of waiting

I’ve been waiting in this space
This is my most feared place
While the children
Laugh at me right to my face

I hate there little cheers
I’d like to pull there tiny ears
But there calling all there mothers

The rabbit in the sun
He’s drinking with a gun
He’s placed on his head now


"Lost And Drifting," the new release available now!
"Dante Mazzetti," critically acclaimed second album.
"The Inferno" recorded in 1999.
View Dante's "Levi's What's True" commercial directed by the award winning Erol Morris @
Digital worldwide downloads available at: www.theorchard.com

Set List

A typical set consists of songs from the new release, "Lost And Drifting." Also cuts from the acclaimed CD "Dante Mazzetti" including The Dead Man and Sometimes, plus select covers.