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We are picking up where I left off with Teaze. We sound intentionally retro, but intend to move rapidly forward with new projects, and hint on that in the latest release. We are a basic rock band with expandable components. The content has artistic integrity and a positive message for dark times.


Retro-Rock powerhouse "Danter" is brand new to the Canadian stage, but it's mentor, creator and frontman has enough history to make a classic rock enthusiast's ears tingle. Brian Danter has played on the same stages with Kiss, April Wine, Loverboy and a host of others, while leading the band Teaze. The current Danter band is a floating roster of musicians available to the project, which may at any given moment contain up to five second generation Danters.

Teaze was once labeled Canada's hardest rock band and Danter carries on in the same tradition using instrumentation sparingly but effectively. Strong melodic vocals are superimposed on dominant guitar oriented rock music. Lyrically and conceptually, though, the new band is breaking old paradigms. Teaze was a bit of a schizophrenic mix of songs. Some were an enthusiastic endorsement of the worst of rock culture, and others were thoughtful challenges to that culture. Wisdom seems to triumph in the new Danter band, while still acknowledging that the worst exists. The new approach is a return to the concept album, with brand new artistic spin-offs to make it attractive as a whole package.

There is more cohesion in the new approach, and Danter believes they have found enough creative alternatives to do for album sales in the digital world what album cover art once did to convert a world of 45 rpm singles. The first installment of this project has just had a soft release to radio of the first single while the first promotional campaign is still really being assembled. One does not break new ground without some surprises and delays. The project, which begins with an album, is called Traitors' Gate. It is now available on the label website, iTunes, and through indie distribution in Canadian retail outlets, usually by special order. The video for the first single, "Strange Fascination," is gaining traction on YouTube as well.

Whether you're already a fan of Brian Danter, or are just discovering the group now, you'll soon relate to what one North Carolina fan said, "That voice has been missing from the public for far too long!"


This is the North American Discography

1976 Teaze (Self Titled)
1978 Teaze - Tour of Japan
1979 Teaze - On the Loose
1980 Teaze - One Night Stand
1980 Walter Rossi - Diamonds for the Kid
1981 Teaze - Body Shots
1983 Preflyte - Raw
1984 Jael - The London Sessions
1986 Legion - Evening Dance (Producer and BG vocals)
1991 Teaze - Best of Teaze
1999 Wind Soar - Live Praise and Worship
1999 2Fish - Little Boys Lunch
2000 Wind Soar - Moving On
2007 Jael - Political By Necessity
2010 Danter - Traitor's Gate

Set List

Playing with Hell
Demon Darkness
Strange Fascination with Evil
Blood Sacrifice
Lies of the Devil
Good Boy
Rock Hard
Black Hearted Lady
Flames Revisited
Spiritual War
Back in Action
On the Loose
Heartless World
What Happened
Open My Eyes
Touch the Wind
Sweet Misery alt Sweet History